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How do blind men have sex?

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Just like people who can see. Many people have sex under the covers and in the complete dark. They use their sense of touch to know what to do and to find their way around.

Source: My fiance is blind, and our sex is just like what I've had with those who can see completely.
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Are most men color blind?

No.  Most men are not color blind. Only a small fraction of men have  impaired color vision.  But out of all color blind people, most of  them are male. 
What percent of men are color blind?

What percent of men are color blind?

It is known that the defective gene is carried on the X chromosome, so males are almost exclusively the victim, and white males make up practically the entire percentage of vi

How men have sex?

  Don't have it!! It's wrong!, and sickening!
Can you have sex with men?

Can you have sex with men?

If you are a woman then sure. what usually happens is the mans penis will enter the vagina and go in and out.From my past experiences then it feels very good and the man will
How can men have sex?

How can men have sex?

they can have sex by inserting their penis into a womans vagina and move the penis in and out of the vagina , fastly or slowly , until she has an orgasm .

When can men have sex?

  ???? interesting question. Do you mean at what age can they start? Otherwise the answer is whenever they can get away with it!

How do you have sex for men?

Having sex is nothing like in a porn. A porn is all about what a guy wants to see not what the girl wants. Sex i a very big step in a relationship and should be thought throug
Is color blindness sex linked?

Is color blindness sex linked?

Genetic modes of inheritance   Color blindness can be inherited genetically. It is most commonly inherited from mutations on the X chromosome but the mapping of the human
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Can only men be colour blind?

If a woman is a carrier for color blindness in the DNA, only one of her chromosomes will be affected, and for that reason she will not be colorblind. Men, on the other hand, o
Why do men have to have sex?

Why do men have to have sex?

Your question is not a question but more a statement. You firstly generalised that ALL men HAVE to have sex, which would be incorrect as there are some men who die virgins, so
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Why do men have sex?

Because it makes you close to someone you care about, it feels good and to make babies.