How do blind men have sex?

How do blind men have sex?
Just like people who can see. Many people have sex under the covers and in the complete dark. They use their sense of touch to know what to do and to find their way around.

Source: My fiance is blind, and our sex is just like what I've had with those who can see completely.
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Why are more men than women color blind?

  More men are color blind than women because the recessive gene for color blindness is carried by women on one of their X chromosomes. And since they have two X chromosom (MORE)

How many blind men did Jesus heal?

There are Three separate instances of blind men being healed. Also notice Jesus healed them in a different way each time. 1. John 9:6 - "After saying this, he spit on the gro (MORE)

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Is blind fury the rapper blind?

Yes Blind Fury, the rapper, is blind. Several battle rappers make  reference to this while he was a contestant on BET's 106 &  Park.He has a few mix-tape's and an EP out (MORE)

Are ferrets blind?

No ferrets are not blind. When a baby ferret (also known as a kit) is born, it has a thin layer over it's eyes meaning that it cannot see. This layer eventually goes away and (MORE)

What do you do with a blind calf?

Keep him in a pen where he won't get into trouble. Keep his watering bowl, feed container and bedding area in one place at all times so he can easily find his way around, and (MORE)
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Why are blind sharks called blind?

Blind sharks got their common name because they close their eyes when they are taken out of the water.
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What is a blind intersection?

A blind intersection is a place where roads cross and do not provide a good field of view of the traffic about to cross your path. Thus, you enter the intersection "blind" to (MORE)

Why hemophilia and color blindness occur much more often in men than in women?

It is due to two factors. One is that these traits are coded on the x-chromosome, of which women have two, men only one (since it is paired with a y-chromosome in men). The ot (MORE)

Discuss how Soyinka uses the contrasting characters of Lakunle and Baroka to comment on the blind embrace of the young African men to their dteriment?

  This is clearly a question for an assignment, so my first advice would be for you to just read and try to understand the play. You haven't mentioned the title of the pl (MORE)

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