How do computers change human life?

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Many ways:
1. Perform calculations that would take a human hours, days, years.
2. Foster better communication with email and the web.
3. Handling mundane tasks - watch the temperature and close the valve when the temperature drops below 100 degrees

Surely computers have very elaborated role in daily day life of humans. The biggest proof is present at our surroundings. Just having a look around at our surroundings will be enough to prove the involvement of computers in everyday lives. Shopping, banking, traveling, stocking, literature, entertainment, public sector, private sector, almost everywhere computers are playing their roles efficiently. Computers can be designated as one of the most creative innovations of human beings. In coming days computers are even going to be more pervasive, because technology is getting advanced day by day.
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How the progressive development in the field of chemistry helped in changing human life?

Answer . There are few things in the world that chemistry has NOT impacted! If not for chemistry, we wouldn't have any plastic of any kind, any pharmaceuticals, gasoline, paint, synthetic fertilizer, cleaning products, or synthetic fabrics to name a few. Chemistry has also greatly impacted the (MORE)

How did the computer change American life?

At first, the personal computer entered American homes as entertainment machines. Over time, it helped to bring work from the office to American homes. With the addition of the internet, computer use in American life has changed dramatically.

How computer change your life?

Computers have radically changed life for students heading intocollege. They can look up any information almost instantaneously,they can talk with people across the world, and they have access toresources that students in the 80s and 90s could only dream of.

How the computer change human life?

The computer changed human life in many ways. With the computer we can get news a lot faster. We can get directions, get information to others, create our own websites, and so much more. However, even though the computer has a ton of great things about it, it did bring some maijor change to the way (MORE)

Who found milk and how does milk change our human life?

Mammals give milk from their bodies to nurture their infants. All mammals nurse their babies with milk. That is why the females of all mammal species have nipples, breasts, teats--to give milk. There's no question of changing our human lives. There would not be any human life if it weren't for our m (MORE)

If you banned plastic bags would it change humans life span?

It depends... technically if we banned plastic bags (therein, stopping using them) then our Earth would live longer and so would we!. It depends... technically if we banned plastic bags (therein, stopping using them) then our Earth would live longer and so would we!

How has technology changed human life?

Technology has made human life more comfortable and safer in termsof health. Some conditions that were previously hard to heal orcure are now curable because of medical technology.

Are humans a computer?

no humans are an organic life form, if you were a computer you would be made of metal not muscle and water an organs and stuff

What are Uses of computer in human life?

Computers are used in many different things in life today,including cars and the governments. Computers are also used forresearch, medical tests, and communication.

How has the invention of computers changed everyday life?

it has changed everyday life because children are less stuck on their homework it makes it quicker for research and easier to contact faraway family members such as facebook yes..its dangerous but Yes it has saved people's live's for example: a young boy age 23 (age not accurate) he fell off a ba (MORE)

Are you a computer or human?

hahaha... your dumb... people answer other people's questions. When you first visit the website before putting in your question look at the website and it asks you if you can answer any of the questions that other people are asking and so many people answer them and that's how you just received your (MORE)

Impact of computer in human life?

Humans find computers very helpful in their lives. They are able towork from home, order medicines from their home, find directions toa new destination, and chat with friends just to name a few things.

How often is an oil change recommended even though the computer tells you your oil life?

THAT is the question nobody seems to agree on. Different makes have diffent change intervals. One recommends 3 months or 3000 miles, while the other recommends twice a year or 8000 miles. Most garages seem to say 3 to 4 months or 3000 miles, though consumers reports did a test a few years ago on tax (MORE)

What can a computer do that a human can not?

Nothing. Humans can do anything a computer can, only slower. Its humans that tell computers how to do everything they do. Computers were designed as a tool to speed up human computation.

How has science changed human life?

everything that you are now using or that is improved is invented your vaccines are made by science your computer you are now using to type is made by science if it were not for science we would still be people living in caves needing to hunt for their one food even having to make our own hunting we (MORE)

How does the computer improve the quality of human life?

computer has definitely improve the human life.we can find every answer on it eg. can also be seen on we can buy things from the whole world via computer via internet.and so many more that if i write them the whole night is gonna pass.

What can a computer do for humanity?

Humanity has benefited from a vast amount of knowledge at their fingertips. Nearly every science and engineering field has been helped immensely by the speed of data analyzation and manipulation that computers allow. Individuals have been empowered by the ease of information access via sites like w (MORE)

Essay about influence of computer in human life?

WikiAnswers is not a free service for writing critiques, essays, discussion papers, reports and summaries, or homework. This is considered cheating. We WILL help you learn how to write a good paragraph. Write sentences the way you speak - just pretend you are telling this to a friend, and write (MORE)

What are the importance of computer in the life of human being?

In today's world, it is almost impossible to think that one can survive without computers. They have become a gadget of almost daily use for people of every age. Computers are important in almost all the business transactions that are made today. The most that any field has gained from the invent (MORE)

Can computers do what humans do?

It depends on what you mean like that. Robots can do a lot of what humans do, and some people consider them computers because they don't have flesh and organs. But computers in a way do what humans do, like finding information in the internet world is like us finding information in our brains. It ju (MORE)

How did domestication of plants and animals change life for early humans?

I don't know if plants can be domestized-unless you mean little roses and tulips in big clay plant-pots of those days, if any. I suppose the domestication of wolves helped bring in bigger amounts of food, and a friend. If you want to be horrible you could eat them, but then you might as well just ke (MORE)

How does weather and climate changes affect human life?

Weather affects our day-to-day lives, how we dress to go out, how we manage our habitation, how we heat or cool our home. Climate changes might mean much more serious effects. Sea levels might flood coastal croplands and cities, forcing people to relocate. Droughts or famine may threaten the live (MORE)

How a computer make a human life more difficult?

The computer is making the life more difficult than pre-computer era is mainly because no matter how smartly you build the instructions / rules for computer to run it still the humanly written code that would never be perfect. Computer runs on formulas and applied the formula without considering (MORE)

How did microscopes change human understanding of life?

Well, first, humans used to think all these crazy ideas about life because they did not know anything about cells, molecules, atoms, or anything else beyond the naked eye. Once the first microscope was invented, we could see cells and everything else unseen before, because it was so tiny. Then, scie (MORE)

Have computer change your life give opinion?

Of course it had! From the time i wake up till the time i sleep, i depend on the computer. Many people do. People might argue that they're always on their phone and never you the computer... well phones are a portable version of a computer.

How has computer affected human life?

in both ways positive as well as in negative way. in positive way facilitating the users. in negative way effected on the health of the user. according to my research 36% user have may types of illness due to the use of computer. including some serious problems like fat increasing due to lake of phy (MORE)

Can a human do what a computer do?

except for speed, a human can do everything a computer can do andmany things a computer cannot do. in order for a computer to do anything, first a human has to figureout how to do it themselves. then the human tells the computer howto do the same using a program. even so called artificialintellige (MORE)

How does a computer benefit human life?

A computer allows easy access to what other people are sharingaround the world. A computer allows you to store information thatmight otherwise be very difficult/impossible to store e.g. longtexts. Overall, the computer can benefit the human life in manyways with the first and most important being th (MORE)

Why can humans change their density using a life jacket?

The person's body does not change density, but when you put a lifejacket, you and the jacket can be modeled as one object. The lifejacket itself has a very low density, much lower than that of ahuman. So, when you put on a life jacket, you effectively increaseyour volume, while mass increases by a m (MORE)