How do computers make life easier?

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How do computers make your life easier?

Answer they make people find jobs and schools Answer They allow you to find things faster and easier. Answer Well, I think the most relevant answer to this question

How do rules make life easier?

Rules let people know what their boundaries are. They let others nowhat is expected of them and that their will be consequences ifthey do certain things.

How do cars make life easier?

cars make life easier to get one from point A to point B with ease, well for most people anyways

How do you make life easier?

Everyone has problems in their life. The key to making life easier is your attitude and how you view them. My life became a whole lot easier when I changed my outlook on life.

How do computers make things easier?

Compeuters make things easier by people can use the computer to play but that is not the only thing. it can also help people to type stuff and print them. They can also get a

How Ada's computer program make life easier?

It didn't as the machine it was written for was never built.

Why computers make learning easier?

Computers make learning easier because it has the programs, and knowledge to help learning. Developers of programs can make programs to help learning, such as calculators, o

How does the can opener make life easier?

There are ways to open cans without a can opener; for example, you can chop off the top of the can with an axe. However, if you do that the contents of the can are going to sp