How do computers make life easier?

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How do ATM's make a persons life easier?

ATM's provide 24hour service meaning a person is free to withdraw from them during anytime of the day. Secondly, ATM's provide service without human error as the customer obta (MORE)

How do radios make life easier?

Well, back in the 1900's the radio and telegraph were the only means of communication besides just going to the destination and telling the people.It made a faster way too get (MORE)
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How did the light bulb make life easier?

the light bulb makes life easier because if we still had to use candles most-likely our houses would catch on fire and because,the light bulb brightens the whole rooms.

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How does the can opener make life easier?

There are ways to open cans without a can opener; for example, you can chop off the top of the can with an axe. However, if you do that the contents of the can are going to sp (MORE)

How do phones make your life easier?

Phones make life easier by allowing people to talk/contact anyone  in an moments notice plus if its a smart phone it allows the  individual to browse the web and conduct bus (MORE)
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How the Internet makes life easier for a country?

It can help with school, finding answers that we have questions to, finding the weather and news, listening to music, testing for school, turning homework in for some classes, (MORE)

How do microphones make life easier?

microphones are helpful so you dont have to yell and can help grab  attention. Without them kareoke would not be possible. Also some  programs including kinect games, voice (MORE)