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How do computers make your life easier?

Answer they make people find jobs and schools Answer They allow you to find things faster and easier. Answer Well, I think the most relevant answer to this question is com

How do radios make life easier?

Well, back in the 1900's the radio and telegraph were the only means of communication besides just going to the destination and telling the people.It made a faster way too get

How do magnets make your life easier?

  Magnets (both permanent and electrical) are used in speakers to reproduce sound so you can hear what it sounds like when doves cry. Magnets are pretty handy in magnetic

Why computers make learning easier?

Computers make learning easier because it has the programs, and knowledge to help learning. Developers of programs can make programs to help learning, such as calculators, o

How did the iPad make life easier?

The iPad made life easier because the iPad has apps that help you with homework you can listen to music,play games the iPad 3 is not that very great my mom said that this iPad

How do wedges make life easier?

Wedges are easier to walk in than regular heals. Wedges are often  the preferred choice of high shoes when having to walk significant  distance.

How do screws make life easier?

They are used to build many devices and structures. The car you drive, the house you live in, and the furniture in your house probably all have screws in them.

How does cars make your life easier?

cars make your life easier to me if your disabled cause most people that i know cant walk for more than 30 minutes and are slow so cars give the an advantage of getting to the

How do computers make things easier?

Compeuters make things easier by people can use the computer to play but that is not the only thing. it can also help people to type stuff and print them. They can also get an

How does the telephone makes your life easier?

How does the telephone makes your life easier?" How does the telephone makes your life easier?" a Phone has made our life easier cause we have been using them for so long