How do concept such as psychological pricing and reference pricing apply to the marketing strategy?

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Why do you think so many women can relate to characters like Adelia in your novels?

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What is the price of GHB in the black market?

Around 20$ a fluid oz. Most people take 5 ml to 'g out' for several hours. Higher doses are known to send the user into an unrousable sleep for several hours. Even higher ones (MORE)

What is a quantity-pricing strategy?

A quantity-pricing strategy provides lower prices to consumers who purchase larger quantities of a product.
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What is the pricing strategy adopted by nokia?

Nokiahas adopted a pricing strategy that positions their products  in the lower and of the market. Nokia is focusing on the lower  middle-class market.
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What is a price skimming strategy?

Price skimming is setting a high price for an item and then lowering the price over time. This is used on products that are in short supply with high demand.
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When Does it Make Sense to Bundle Products or Services?

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What are the Types of pricing strategies?

Cost plus pricingThe most common way for businesses to decide on a price.Add up the cost of the raw materials and labour that have gone into making the product to determine it (MORE)

What is the pricing strategy of coco-cola?

Coca-Cola keeps in mind that price should complement demand of the  public for the product. The company should receive the maximum  amount of revenue possible for the produc (MORE)