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How do concept such as psychological pricing and reference pricing apply to the marketing strategy?

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What is a pricing strategy?

Answer . Supply and Demand, Want and Need, and the Cost to Produce.. (cost to make)(demand, who will buy it)(want, who needs it)(supply amount you could previde). -------

What is market price?

There are several definitions of market price depending on on usage. It can be the price of a commodity or share on the stock market . It can also be the best guess of a ma

Psychological pricing means IN MARKETING TERMS?

In marketing terms it is a strategic approach to the pricing of products in a competitive environment. The pricing is done not by the economics of the product but more by the

What is pricing in marketing?

Answer . The price of a product or service influences how consumers (i.e., potential customers) perceive it. Consumers frequently perceive higher-priced items to be higher

What are the different marketing strategies under product place price and promotion?

You can market your business online through Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate marketing Etc.... Search Engine Optimizat

Discuss what are Marketing Concept and Marketing Strategy?

A marketing strategy is the planning and deployment methods used to obtain customers for an organization. The marketing strategy involves segmenting and targeting which market