How do concept such as psychological pricing and reference pricing apply to the marketing strategy?

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Who came up with the name 'Anniversary,' and what's the meaning behind it?

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What is a quantity-pricing strategy?

A quantity-pricing strategy provides lower prices to consumers who purchase larger quantities of a product.
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What is the pricing strategy adopted by nokia?

Nokiahas adopted a pricing strategy that positions their products  in the lower and of the market. Nokia is focusing on the lower  middle-class market.
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What is a price skimming strategy?

Price skimming is setting a high price for an item and then lowering the price over time. This is used on products that are in short supply with high demand.
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What are the Types of pricing strategies?

Cost plus pricing The most common way for businesses to decide on a price. Add up the cost of the raw materials and labour that have gone into making the product to determine (MORE)

Commonly Used Strategies in Marketing Campaigns

It is often difficult to come up with effective, low-cost marketing strategies. Oftentimes, marketers spend a lot of money on their marketing campaigns, only to achieve dismal (MORE)

Investing 101: Effective Bear Market Strategies

A bear market occurs when the stock market declines over a period of time. This decline perpetuates itself due to failing investor sentiment, creating a situation in which the (MORE)

What Is Marketing Strategy on a Business Plan?

A business plan provides important information to a potential lender as well as to the business' management team. One of the key components of such a plan is to determine who (MORE)

Steps for Developing a Marketing Strategy

For any business to grow, a solid marketing strategy is absolutely necessary. While developing a strategy is time-consuming, a well-researched plan makes the difference in the (MORE)

What pricing strategies Nike utilizes?

Nike uses Price Leadership strategy and value based pricing. This is when a company sets is price based on the value the consumer places on the product. Nike has spent a lot o (MORE)

What is the pricing strategy of coco-cola?

Coca-Cola keeps in mind that price should complement demand of the  public for the product. The company should receive the maximum  amount of revenue possible for the produc (MORE)