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How do conventional cameras capture images?

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The film is covered with a light sensitive compound, which reacts when the shutter opens and allows the camera to catch an image of what's outside.
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What was the first image captured by a camera?

An Ancient View           The first image taken by a modern camera with light-sensitive salts on  a glass plate was around 1834 by a

Canon cameras automatically save captured images?

If you're asking whether when you push the shutter button the image is saved, the answer is yes. Though it is important to note that if you push the button down half way, it a

What is a conventional camera?

Its a camera that uses film. Like a digital camera has a memory card. a conventional camera uses the film which you then have to get printed before you can see the image.

How does a camera capture a photograph?

When you push the shutter button it opens the shutter which allows  light into the camera. The lens focuses the light as it enters the  camera and once the light passes thro

How do you capture a demon on your camera?

you look in the mirror ;) You  don't, really.  They are disembodied.  However if you take   pictures,  you might see a mist or a dark spot, and that could be