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How do crocodiles communicate?

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They communicate by waving their tails
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What are crocodile habitats?

Crocodiles can be found (Africa, India, Southeast Asia, Australia, North and South American) in wet habitats such as rivers, lakes, swamps, ponds, waterholes, marshes and wetl (MORE)

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Do crocodiles have ears?

yes crocodiles have ears but they are not as noticeable as other animals ears.

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Crocodile Bites Foot off Another Crocodile

When a zookeeper tossed a fish into a crocodile enclosure, one croc decided he didn't want to have a fish for lunch, but rather he wanted a taste of�his own kind instead. He (MORE)

Crocodile Attacks Impala But Misses

At this African safari, these�impalas cautiously drank from a river�because they knew just how dangerous it could be. Even though they were expecting�the crocodile to st (MORE)

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Why are crocodiles hunted?

  there skin.its a tough outer layer which can be used for clothes,shoes,handbags,womans accesories etc.

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Can crocodiles fly?

Yes, on occasion when a crocodile mates with a land shark a flying crocodile is brought into this world. This only live in Peru where they fly along the high mountain peeks.

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What does a crocodile eat and what eats a crocodile?

crocodiles eat anything but nothing eats the crocodile'   Answer:Crocodiles eat Fish, small animals, people who aren't careful. Humans will eat crocodile and alligators i (MORE)

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What is a crocodile?

It's an creature from phylum-Chordata.   group-Protochordata.   subphylum-Cephalochordata.  (MORE)

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Is a crocodile a vertebrate?

Yes. A crocodile is a vertebrate, as it has a backbone. All reptiles are vertebrates. Yes, a crocodile, like all reptiles, is a vertebrate.
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