How do crocodiles communicate?

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They communicate by waving their tails
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What can crocodiles kill?

Crocodiles can kill and eat gnus, hyenas, lions, tigers, bears, leopards, jaguars, anacondas, pythons, buffaloes, humans, and small hippos.

Are crocodiles in danger?

It depends on the species but yes, the majority of crocodile species are endangered. The only species that is currently critiqually endangered is the 'golden crocodile'. The n (MORE)

What are crocodile habitats?

Crocodiles can be found (Africa, India, Southeast Asia, Australia, North and South American) in wet habitats such as rivers, lakes, swamps, ponds, waterholes, marshes and wetl (MORE)

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What does a crocodile eat and what eats a crocodile?

crocodiles eat anything but nothing eats the crocodile'   Answer:Crocodiles eat Fish, small animals, people who aren't careful. Humans will eat crocodile and alligators i (MORE)