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How do doctors circumsize a penis?

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What are the benefits of having a circumsized penis?

let's see, no difference really I like the way that natural feels better. It really just comes down to a personal cleanliness thing. if you keep it clean than there are no ben

Why is a circumsized penis ugly?

Maybe you're not used to them. It is reasonable to assume that anything that has been mutilated becomes ugly, especially to those that realise the correct order of the thing.

What is circumsized?

to be circumsized is when u have the outer skin in your penis trimmed to where the head of the penis is clearly visible.

How is a circumsized penis different from an uncircumsized penis?

The penis that is intact is more sensitive and generally gives  better sex and control then the circumcised penis.    n male human anatomy, the foreskin is a  double-

What feels better an circumsized penis or a uncircumcised penis?

The intact penis as the foreskin is a natural part of the penis that protects the sensitivity of the glans penis as well as having over 10.000 erogenous nerve ends in itself.

Is an uncircumsized penis bigger than a circumsized one?

No. The length and circumference of each human male's penis is not determined by the presence or absence of a foreskin. When a human male is born, his penis has a foreskin. Th

Does a circumsized penis get harder than an uncircumsized penis?

No, there is no difference between circumcised and uncircumsized penises when it comes to hardness or length. The main difference is that the circumcised penis has some healt

Is it gross or bad to give head to an uncricumsized penis which one is better circumsized or uncircumsized?

  In my personal opinion, it's just gross. I'm a guy but I don't see any point in doing that since it also causes deseases. Well not to be critical about it, but it's unec

Is an intact penis bigger than a circumsized penis?

It would be slightly ie By the thickness and length that the foreskin extended past the end of the glans. the sensation delivered by an intact penis is more pleasant though as