How do flamingos senses help defend themselves?

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They peck with their beaks and stay in large groups.They don't use their senses.
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How bears defend themselves?

Bears use their claws to fight and defend themselves. They are ableto slap with their very strong paws and effectively defend theirown lives. Bears are also menacing sounding

How do jellyfish defend themselves?

Jellyfish defend themselves by using their stinging cells to shock the other animals.The primary defense of jellyfish are their stinging cells. Some species have more specific

How do pink flamingos protect themselves?

Pink Flamingos protect themselves by pecking predators with their beaks in a fast jerk like motion. Flamingos also stay in large groups to avoid and confuse predators.

How do copperhead snakes defend themselves?

The copperhead, when threatened, will bite its prey and inject atoxic venom into its prey. They are to blame for most venomoussnake bites in the U.S., but their venom is the l
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What helps rattlesnakes defend themselves?

As with all snakes, a rattlesnake's first choice in defense is toget away from a threat and hide. If the snake feels it is corneredwith will rattle its tail, using loose skin