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The following applies to American culture. Unlike women, men don't usually have the luxury of waiting for the opposite sex to approach them with come-ons. Therefore, most men are forced to be the initiators of contact between the sexes. Opportunities for many men are limited, for a number of reasons (physical appearance, emotional maturity, confidence level). Therefore, whereas women may flirt just to see if they're "still attractive," most men normally don't waste their opportunities for vanity's sake. Men have definite interpersonal goals in mind, which can range from casual sex to seeking a life partner. When it comes to dealing with the opposite sex, most guys picture themselves in two categories: 1) clumsy, 2) smooth. Guys know that women want to see confidence, and so the self-image he has of himself may clash with this unnerving knowledge. Thus, we see guys who try too hard, guys who bluster and brag, guys who are totally intimidated. Experience with women (more than maturity) allows a guy to be "smooth." "Smooth" is not necessarily a bad thing, for its general definition is, "not sending the girl running in the other direction." As for flirting itself: when a guy DOES flirt, it means he has enough experience with women to have a certain level of confidence. Flirting activity can range from simple conversation to all sorts of closeness, and its meaning can be anything from friendship to marriage. If all of this sounds confusing, it is because men and women think differently. HOW GUYS FLIRT
He stares at you alot,
uses the first thing that pops into his head to start a conversation,
he "hits" you.
He mocks you to make you laugh.He calls you cute or pretty and it makes you smile.
He worries about you and your problems along with his own.He is PROTECTIVE. He always stays close when he can.He looks STRAIGHT in your eyes. He listens to you and remembers the things you say
.He will sometimes say something to remind you you've said it in the past.He takes pictures of you even though you say you hate it.
When guys flirt they:
1. Compliment you
2. Try to make you happy
3. Smile at you sometimes
5. Act like they are only a really close friend.
It is really, really hard to tell when a guy likes you but its not impossible.

Get your friends to help you out.
Ask them for advice. Ask them if they think someone likes you.
If they think a guy likes you, ask them to help you out.
Your friend could act as a spy for you. They could watch you that guyacts around other girls.

If your friend doesnt really want to help, you can always do it yourself.
Just watch how this guy acts around you, then how he acts around other girls.
If he is calm, and cool around you, he probably likes you.

REMEMBER: If you dont have any, you should get some guy friends.
Dont tell them that you are suspicious about another guy. Build your trust with them and they will tell you if one of the guys that they are friends with likes you.
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How do you flirt with a guy or guys?

Advice by WikiAnswers contributors: . Smile :) . Just stare down but don't look like a stalker. Wear his favorite color, make him notice things but don't cough and say 'hint hint' like an idiot. Be who you are and don't be afraid. If you're weird, breathe because guys think way opposite than gir (MORE)

Flirting with a guy?

Flirting is usually easy to do, mostly all you need to do is do what comes naturally. After you read a few of these major tips you will have that guy for sure! The most important part of body language and flirting is to look right into his eyes until he looks back. You also need to remember to give (MORE)

How does a guy flirt?

\nThere are loads of ways that a guy can be flirting with you here are some:\n. \n1. smiling at you all the time\n. \n2. sometimes he tends to play fight and let you win the fight \n. \n3. sitting next to you all the time \n. \n4. trying to be funny\n. \n5. he will do anything for you even if i (MORE)

What do guys do when they flirt?

Well when guys flirt they usually come up to you and talk with you (More than necessary). Sometimes he'll get really close to you, sometimes so close it's a bit uncomfortable. He may crack jokes about you and laugh with you and maybe at you. Don't be offended, he's only joking around 90% of the time (MORE)

How can you flirt with a guy?

hello i am a girl that can help you! here is what i have got!: you can do this by just being yourself and trying your best not to get caught! you can also ask him questions relating to relationships. for ex. "who do you like/go with?" if they dont go with anyone, then ask them out! especially if you (MORE)

What do guys do to flirt?

Usually just a hey hot stuff or we will text you AlOT or sometimes just asking to randomley hang out.......... So ya....

How can you flirt with guys?

Randomly give them a high five, Smile at them, take there hat if they have one on, don't be afraid to be stupid.

How guys flirt?

\nIts kinda hard sometimes to tell if a guy is flirting with you! but if the guy is shy if his flirting with you he will try to give you a smile everytime you look at him, he might blush around you or he might just look at you from far ( if his shy). If the guy is really outgoing he might come up (MORE)

When do guys flirt with you?

guys will flirt with you when they first meet you and want to get your number or get your attention............or when they want something

How do you flirt with a guy who doesn't want to flirt?

This is my trick. I act all innocent and nice around him and when i know he's looking but i pretend i don't see him and so i ignore him, he hates being ignored so then he comes up to me and we start talking. not saying 4 u to do this but i mean acting innocent and nice and sweet will help you get hi (MORE)

How can you tell a guy is flirting?

Having been experienced, I can honestly tell you that there is no possible way to tell. I know life is so difficult and boys are confusing. The truth is, most of the guys who flirt with pretty girls are just wheeling, most of the genuine guys that would treat you good wont flirt with you, but there (MORE)

What are ways to flirt with a guy?

Touch him and smile.. Remember to smile a lot when you see him or talk to him. Be nice to him and try to be friends with him. Being friends with a guy before being a couple makes the relationship work out better.

How to flirt with a guy?

when he does something weird ask him what he's doin and call him weird in a teasing way that's kinda nice... or say oh my gosh and he'll see you pay attention- works on guys that you don't know that much when he teases you- call him mean in a girly way that's sorta sad be a happy person around h (MORE)

How do you get guys to flirt with you?

why should he make the move? you start by being nice once he realises he will play along with you! give him a few months to get used to you and hey maybe you could ed up marrying him

How do you flirt to a guy?

just make alot of eye contact, touch his arm lightly, laugh at his jokes, and lean in a little closer than normal to him

How do you get a guy to flirt with you?

depends, im a teen and ive seen your teen dating tag so im guessing your one too, if he is quite a know it all or thinks he is super popular then i would say keep clear! you want a guy that you know well, love personality more than looks, but obvs looks are important :L but the main thing is that (MORE)

What do you do when a guy is flirting?

Well I think you will kind of know when a guy is flirting with you because like... If u know this guy who flirting with you doesn't usually talk to you this way like warm felt?... He may be flirting with you. If he tries to get close to you he obviously likes you, starts to make you laugh more, n hu (MORE)

How does guys flirt?

Guys sometimes try to annoy you when they flirt or if you guys are texting and he sends you lots of winky faces and hearts that is also considered flirting

What does a guy do if he flirts?

A guy could play with your hair...maybe always interrupt in a conversation to say something funny... or even try and get your attention. . He could insult you, play hard-to-get, talks to your girl friends

How can you flirt a guy?

Talk about things they like and laugh at jokes even if they are not funny do things he likes but no notes

How do you flirt with the guy who flirts with everyone?

You have to be sure to stand out, to be slightly cheeky and not back down when he flirts back. Cut him down when he tries to flirt with you, like laugh at him to show him you're the boss, he won't be used to it, and you'll amaze him. Yeah That's a good idea, U should also find something about him (MORE)

What is flirting with a guy?

Flirting with a guy is showing him that you like him, like talking to him, staring at him, smiling at him, and winking at him. Raising your eyebrows up and down is a flirting sign too.

How can you get a guy to flirt with you?

Tell them they're cute and ask to feel there muscels! Theyll proably reject you so no, but tell them they are AWESOME!!!. U talk to him and then u start like talking prepy and then u flirt with them or him

When do you flirt with a guy?

If you are interested in someone then let them know, it is ok to flirt. Of course you want to be tasteful. Men certainly like to be approached, just as woman do.. never seem too desperate, flirting should come natural if there is a natural connection between you and the one you are interested in. i (MORE)

When a guys a flirt is he always a flirt?

It's too difficult to answer this question. It sometimes depends on the guy. Some guys flirt with everyone. Some guys flirt only with the girls they like. The nature changes when these guys enter a relationship. They might stop flirting and develop some other characteristics.

How do you flirt and get the guy?

well, in order to get the guy, u have to have sex. Without your guy knowing it, take off his pants, and then take off yours, and suck or stick his penis up your vagina. Have fun!!

How do you flirt with guys'?

Sometimes messing around and playing with the guy is optional. Don't play and mess around with him too much where he will see you has an annoying girl who plays too much. If you know some things that hes interested in that's a way to start up a good conversation. Most guys love it when you complimen (MORE)

How do you do flirt with an Asian guy?

i am an asain guy. but i don't think you should flirt with him. just talk to him. then you get more serious like movies and stuff. don't go too fast though.

Does she like you or does she like to flirt with guys?

Well,it all depends.If she flirts with other guys as much as you then she just likes flirting but if she flirts with you and only you or mainly you then she likes you. also, sometimes it depends on what you think is flirting and what is not- sometimes people think that everything is flirting. if y (MORE)

Why does a guy flirt and then ignore you?

Im 13 and this has happened to me alot. which is why i haven't dated as many guys as i would have liked. Anyway sometimes I just think its one of the many guy rules like girls have rules and thinking that not only makes me feel better but makes sense so it might be true.

How can you flirt with a guy by phone?

You can always send texts with suggestive content, you can call and leave voicemails, you can have regular conversation to show you are interested or you can flirt with a guy while standing next to a phone.

What are some ways a guy can flirt with you?

Of course, the most obvious would be cheesy pick-up lines or compliments. Also, teasing is pretty common when it comes to flirting. If a guy talks to you, and seems to hang on to every word you say, smile and laugh, even THAT can be considered flirting. Most of the time, they don't even realize wh (MORE)

Does a guy knows you like him and he flirts?

Unless you have told him that you like him, or have flirted with him, guys are pretty oblivious to the fact that girls like them. With the exception of being ridiculously obvious. He probably flirts with you because he likes you, and is trying to see if you like him. Good luck, :)

What do guys do when they flirt with you?

Guys can do a lot of things to flirt in a lot of different ways. Here's a list . He can come right out and say I like you . He can say nice things to you often . he could use a one-liner (are you from Tennessee because you're the only ten I see) . He could stare at you and smile when you stare (MORE)

Why does a guy flirt with you?

I'm a guy and when I try to flirt with a girl I compliment her. I just go up and say hi and tell her that her shoes are cool or that she is very smart, and if I relly like her and know her enough ill even list the reasons why I like her. But some guys flirt differently, sometimes they say something (MORE)