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How do hindus show respect for brahma?

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In the Hindu religion, cows represent all living things. For this reason they are highly revered and are not eaten.
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How do Jews show respect to the Torah?

A Sefer Torah - Torah scroll - is treated with utmost respect. A Sefer Torah was dictated by Gcd to Moses, and is treated as such. Here are some sample laws regarding the

Is Brahma the Hindu god male or female?

brahama himself is male however has the potential to reincarnate as a female human. upon returning as a god he will be male again

What does the Hindu god Brahma sits on?

Lord Brahma is the first member of the Brahmanical triad and sits on a Lotus. The lotus represents the Reality. Brahma sitting on the lotus indicates that he is ever-rooted i

What do Hindu gods Brahma Vishnu and Shiva represent?

The 3 gods represent 3 energies the Shiva Shakti, The Vishnu  Shakti, and the Brahma Shakti.    Brahma is the Creator Energy, that which created this whole  universe,

What things do you do to show respect for your country?

You can go out and help the ones in need .Or you can respect blacks because they are proud Americans just like you, and equal. And you can donate stuff to kids in the orphanag

How do you show respect to the holy Bible?

  I am not of the opinion that the Bible should be a lovely gold-edged book in a beautiful case and kept in a locked cupboard out of reverence or awe, as are some holy scr

How did the Romans show respect to their gods?

Sort of the same way the Greeks did, through worshiping and building temples.

How do Muslims show respect in a mosque?

 by men and  women sitting on opposite sides to stop getting  distracted  and taking  their shoes off  and by  washing before prayer  

How does ponyboy show respect?

Ponyboy as in The Outsiders....? if so........ he shows respect by having good and bad relationships with his family and friends by spending time with them and having heart-to

How do people show respect in Italy?

they kiss people when the see them and there is a lot of joy

How do you show respect to the environment?

by not throwing trashes,,by taking care for the plants,animals and etc,.........

How can you show your love and respect to god?

by praying, reading your bible, going to church, and serving Him. All he asks from us is to Love him and serve others. If you read the bible... you can understand a little bit

How do Hindus respect gods?

  as a matter of respect hindus salute the gods with sri or om(sri ram sri krishna).the rituals performed in the temple are all things done to god due to the respect for h