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How do honey bees avoid their predators?

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Flying, sheltering and stinging are ways in which honey bees avoid predators.

Specifically, the insect in question (Apis spp) can respond to predation in one of three ways. A honey bee may choose to either out-fly a predator or seek shelter in a leafy hideaway or the hive. A third option would be standing ground to wield a fearsome stinger.
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What does the honey bee and the killer bee have in common?

A "killer bee" IS a honey bee- they are both Apis mellifera, the European honey bee. The difference with killer bees, otherwise known as Africanized honey bees, is that they a

Who lives more a honey bee or a honey bees queen?

a honey bee's queen. The queen of a hive sole job is to contribute her DNA to the population of the hive. Because the queen preserves male sperm in her body from several males

What do bees do with their honey?

Bees need honey for their survival.   Honey is the main source of food during winter months for bees.    During warmer seasons, bees usually feast on nectar from fl

Why do Honey bees make honey?

Honey bees do not hibernate in the winter, but they are unable to fly out of the hive because it is too cold. They collect and store honey during the rest of the year so they

How do you tell honey bee from africanized bee?

There is no obvious physical difference between Africanized honey bees and European honey bees. The only way of distinguishing is by DNA analysis.

Are honey bees and bumble bees the same?

No... honey bee's collect honey and are in a hive and are also smaller than bumble bees and not yellow and black... whereas bumble bee's collect pollen and make their own hive

Are ground bees honey bees?

No, they are probably Bumble Bees or they could be wasps. Digger bees (ground bees) will be different than honey bees...honey bees will be a colony consisting of one nest wi