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How do honey bees avoid their predators?

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Flying, sheltering and stinging are ways in which honey bees avoid predators.

Specifically, the insect in question (Apis spp) can respond to predation in one of three ways. A honey bee may choose to either out-fly a predator or seek shelter in a leafy hideaway or the hive. A third option would be standing ground to wield a fearsome stinger.
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How does honey bee hide from predators?

I have never met honey bee, so I wouldn't know. however, the way honey bee s hide is by runnng off to their hives. however, they mostly just sting stuff when agitated, especi

Is a honey bee a predator?

No it is not a predator. It only stings to protect it's hive. Once it stings something, it dies, so they don't really want to sting you. They will if you bother them, but pret

Where do bees get honey from?

They collect nectar from flowers, mix it with various enzymes and regurgitate it as honey.

Where do bees get honey?

They gather pollen from flowers, and take it to their hive. Where they make the honey.

Are honey bees predators?

No, they are vegetarian and only eat honey, nectar and pollen.