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Humans grow because of a powerful growth hormone secreted by the pituitary gland. This gland is located at the base of the brain and is roughly the size of a pea.
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How do you grow a human?

well, get married.......... then the sperm cell then sometimes reaches the woman's reproductive gland, then a baby starts growing. It is ready to be born after a period of abo

How does skin grow when the human body grows?

your skin grows when your body grows. how you ask? well its really simple.! when you grow your body gets bigger and starts to expand and your skin goes with it that's what it

How do you grow human hair faster?

you trim the ends just a tiny little bit so there are no more split ends about once every month and keep the hair healthy. You could eat garlic that causes hair to grow too

How do humans grow and develop?

They grow do to hormones and DNA to put it simply, if you want a complicated but better explanations type your question on to google ar yahho or something of that sort.. They

Do vampires grow like humans do?

No, they do not grow like humans, in fact they don't grow at all. Once a vampire has changed they do not age, therefore they do not grow anymore.

Will humans grow a third arm?

Possibly...it is shown that after about 500,000 years of evolution a species often have a jump of rapid evolution that has physical and internal effects. This jump isn't as fa
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Do humans grow?

Of course. You did not know babies get bigger?