What is Alienware?

Alienware is an American computer hardware subsidiary of Dell, Inc.Alienware products are designed as gaming platforms and aremarketed toward computer gamers. In 2014 Alienwar (MORE)

Is the m17x overpriced?

Yes a 2011 17 xps at $1700 has the same power with a 3D graphics card is almost the same as a $2900 m17x and the xps looks much more professional. As well dell and alianware (MORE)
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Would you recommend buying an alienware M17x?

In general, Alienware makes quality but expensive desktops and laptops. I would only buy their products If I was a professional video game player, or had a job that required h (MORE)
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When does the alienware m17x R3 come out?

Technically it already came out and was briefly for sale for a few weeks, however the R3 line was pulled due to a problem with the motherboards in them. An Intel flaw in the m (MORE)