How do i fix my Alienware m17x - R1 Series laptop webcam When I use the webcam it has an inverted image driver is up to date too?

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Try manually installing the drivers by going to the website or (for systems purchased before '09) , if not try to find and install to an earlier version
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How do you use your laptop webcam?

It's hard to answer your question because there's factors regarding which laptop you have and what OS you're running. Check out this page if it's an HP laptop webcam runnin

How do you hook up my webcam for my Acer laptop?

The Acer Laptop should have the built in crystal eye webcam. However it is only activated when using a program requiring a webcam. (Msn chat, skype etc etc) Unless you are usi

Can any webcam be used on a laptop?

Yes. Any webcam that can be connected to your laptop (such as via the USB port), and has drivers available for your operating system (such as XP or Vista) can be used on a lap

Where webcam is on your laptop?

Most laptops have their webcams on the top of the screen. If you look closely, you should notice a small hole of some sort. That should be the camera/webcam.

How do you use your Samsung laptop webcam?

You have to use a website which allows you to take pictures and record videos, as Samsung laptops have no short-cuts, programmes, applications etc. to do so itself. I think th

How do you use your HCL laptop webcam?

To use your laptop webcam, you have to install a program that is compatible with webcam chat such as Skype or MSN. Both programs are free and can be downloaded on their websit

How do you fix your webcam on your dell laptop?

Some time question arises that How fix dell webcam driver, webcam central and webcam manager problem. here I tried to solve the problem of how fix dell webcam driver, webcam c
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How do you fix your laptop webcam?

Go to the manufactures official website and navigate to the drivers & downloads page. From there you can enter in your laptop model or serial number and it will provide all of
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Can you use a portable webcam on a laptop?

Absolutely. I have a Toshiba laptop with a built-in webcam. I also have an external web-cam - which I use for security monitoring. Both cameras work equally well.