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How do idioms differ from slang?

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An idiom is a phrase that seems to mean something, such as "it's a piece of cake," but which actually mean something different ... In this case, a piece of cake means something is easy. Slang is a word or short phrase that means something in a particular area ... Slang usually makes no sense unless you know what it means, such a the Cockney slang bees and honey, meaning money, or the US Southern slang y'all, meaning you.
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What is the difference between a idiom and a proverb?

IDIOM:a group of words which, when used together, have a different meaning from the one suggested by the individual words (e.g. it was raining cats and dogs). PROVERB: a shor

What are some strategies to interpret idioms or slang?

You can use several methods to figure out what an idiom or slang term means.. 1. Be sure that you understand the meaning of each word in the phrase. Use a dictionary if neede

What are some Idioms and slang offensive to other cultures?

This question is too broad. Please write another question which is more specific - which culture do you come from and which culture are you worried that you will offend? H

What sets idioms apart from slang?

An idiom is a phrase that seems to mean one thing, but actually means something totally different. When you first see or hear an idiom, you THINK you understand it.   

When to use idioms or slangs to say died?

You would use an idiom or slang when it seems too blunt to just say "they died." You might say "they passed away" in a situation where you want to be a little more sensitive.

What is the difference between a hyperbole and a idiom?

as i know and idiom is an idiomatic expression who's meaning cannot be deduced from the literal definition and the arrangements of it's parts,but refers instead to a figurativ

What is the difference between a pun and an idiom?

A pun is the humorous use of a word or phrase so as to emphasize or suggest its different meanings or applications, or the use of words that are alike or nearly alike in sound