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An idiom is a phrase that seems to mean something, such as "it's a piece of cake," but which actually mean something different ... In this case, a piece of cake means something is easy. Slang is a word or short phrase that means something in a particular area ... Slang usually makes no sense unless you know what it means, such a the Cockney slang bees and honey, meaning money, or the US Southern slang y'all, meaning you.
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What is the difference between an idiom and an euphenism?

idioms are common phrases or sayings that cannot be understood by these individual words or elements. euphemisms on the other hand are the alternative way to say a certain wor

What is the difference between a proverb and an idiom?

A Proverb is an old saying which usually gives advice - you can understand the meaning of the phrase and decide what advice it gives.    Examples: A bird in the hand is

What is the difference between a hyperbole and an idiom?

An idiom is a figurative expression, like "it's raining cats and dogs" (it's not ACTUALLY raining cats and dogs, it's just an expression, so it's figurative), whereas hyperbol

What is the meaning of the idiom a different kettle of fish?

Whenever you see an idiom stating that something is "a different _______" (a different kettle of fish, a horse of a different color, etc), it just means that whatever topic ha

What is the difference between phrasal verb and idioms?

An idiom is an expression with several words. The meaning of idioms are hard/impossible to understand by looking at the meanings of the words in the idiom eg His grandfather

What is the difference between slang and colloquial?

  Colloquial (adjective) means pertaining to common/ordinary/everyday or familiar conversation, not formal, academic or literary. It can be used to describe terms used i

What is the difference between an idiom and a euphemism?

Idiom: an expression, word, or phrase that has a figurative meaning that is comprehended in regard to a common use of that expression that is separate from the literal meaning

What is the difference between a idiom and a proverb?

IDIOM:a group of words which, when used together, have a different meaning from the one suggested by the individual words (e.g. it was raining cats and dogs). PROVERB: a shor

What differences are there between an idiom an adage and a proverb?

There are some differences between an idiom, an adage, and a  proverb. An idiom is a saying has a meaning beyond the literal,  such as "a blessing in disguise." An adage is

How are idioms and proverbs different?

Proverbs are little stories with a moral message; idioms are just a few words used to express a bigger idea.

What is the difference between proverbs and idioms?

Proverbs are like phrase of a sentence not like idioms. e.g. "When the cat is away, the mouse will play,"which means that if the teachers is away, the students will do somethi

What is a difference between a metaphor and an idiom?

a metaphor is when you say something like my teacher is a fountain of knowledge is a metaphor and an idiom is when cant really get the understanding like you are pushing my bu