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How do insurance companies define sports cars?

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Insurance Definition of Sports Car
They usually go by horsepower, stock and aftermarket modifications (i.e. turbo or superchargers), etc. They will usually know if you have a sports car or not. You can also have a car classified as rare or collectable that might be a sports car. If a car has two doors its almost always classified as a sports car no matter what. Also if the car is equipped with a manual transmission its also most likely a sports car. It also depends how on the replacement cost of the auto and location.

Insuring sports cars has always been a niche market, so it more often than not pays to do your homework and contact the specialist companies rather than the general insurers. If you have a classic sports car in mind, there are a specialist companies for these vehicles too.

More Information:
  • I drive a '94 T-Bird. Some companies say it's a sports car (with the V6? Yeah right), some luxury (almost passes as that), and some just as a plain old car.
  • I have a Firebird, 2 doors, manual and it's still not considered a sports car.
  • I have a 2 door 2004 Dodge Stratus SXT that is only a 4-cylinder but rated a 19 which is a sports car rating with high premiums.
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