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How do machines help people do work?

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Machines are intended to do the heavy lifting making work easier for people. Machines also do calculations so that people can get more work done more quickly.
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How does a photostat machine works?

I have read it back in my High School that some metals have photoelectric effect, i.e. a charge is generated on them when light falls on them. Selenium, Cadmium are some of th

What machine can do the work of 50 people?

Well, if you're asking this from your Social Studies weekly (Week  21) The answer is Cotton gin, you can find this answer in the  article titled "Unintended Effects."

How elevator helps people to make work easier?

it helps us by not climbing up the stairs. and if we are in a hurry we can just ride the elevator. and how about if we brought heavy and fragile things?, we cannot carry them

How does a sub machine gun work?

basically like a normal machine gun its just smaller for better maneuverability. A submachine gun works by cycling the bolt carrier rearwards to cock the weapon. When the bol

What animals help people in their work?

  German shepards are commonly used in police work, dalmations are sometimes helpful with firefighters. And you can get dogs to assist you if you're blind or have a certai

What muscles does the rowing machine help?

If done properly the rowing machine is primarily increases leg strength. Along with this however your lats, abs and arms may see a significant increase as well. That having be

How does a cnc milling machine work?

CNC Milling machines work by using a computer to send signals to a stepper motor controller. This then tells the stepper motor (a device that translates electrical pulses into

What is the advantage of using a machine to do work?

There are two very obvious benefits of using machines to do work. Machines are very good at performing the same task over and over. Unlike people, they do not need meal break

What does the simple machines help us?

Simple machines make work easier. The six simple machines are the lever, wedge, screw, inclines, planes, wheel and axle, and pulley. They help us do many things. A pulley is a