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How do machines help people do work?

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Machines are intended to do the heavy lifting making work easier for people. Machines also do calculations so that people can get more work done more quickly.
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Why does listening to music help some people work?

  It helps with blocking out the rest of the world around them so that they will focus on their work. But some people can't listen to music because they get distracted. It

How does Google Earth work and how does it help people?

Google Earth provides access to vast amounts of global satellite, aerial and street-level imagery that Google makes available to the public through high-end enterprise-grade d

What machine can do the work of 50 people?

Well, if you're asking this from your Social Studies weekly (Week  21) The answer is Cotton gin, you can find this answer in the  article titled "Unintended Effects."

How elevator helps people to make work easier?

it helps us by not climbing up the stairs. and if we are in a hurry we can just ride the elevator. and how about if we brought heavy and fragile things?, we cannot carry them

What animals help people in their work?

  German shepards are commonly used in police work, dalmations are sometimes helpful with firefighters. And you can get dogs to assist you if you're blind or have a certai

How did the sewing machine help people during the Industrial Revolution?

The sewing machines used during the Industrial Revolution helped people by help safe people time because before the Industrial Revolution people ( women) had to sew all of the

How does simple machines help people?

Simple machines are used in everyday life. A TV remote could be classed as a simple machine because it makes it easier for one to change television channels. A calculator is c
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What type of machine is used to help people with kidney malfunctions?

The dialysis machine is the machine that performs dialysis of the  blood. Dialysis removes the waste product from the blood by drawing  it through a vein in the forearm call

Does veterinarians work more with machines than people?

No, most veterinarian will split their time about 60% communicating with their clients (working with people) and 40% of their time working with their patients (the animals). T