How do ocean currents winds and features of the Earth's surface affect the climate?

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Ocean currents carry warmer water from the tropics into colder regions. The heat from that warmer water escapes into the atmosphere as it travels, creating warmer, rainier weather than might otherwise be expected.

Upwellings along the California coast bring cold water up from the bottom of the ocean. This is why beaches along the continental pacific coast never really have warm water (compared to the Atlantic coast) even in summer. Winds carry this ambient temperature onto land which is why the coast of California remains in a range between about 50-75 degrees all year long. Climates that rely on ocean temperatures in coastal regions are considered "Maritime" climates.

The Sierra mountains inland force air up the mountain slope, which results in precipitation and rain shadow on the leeward side of the range. The climate in this area is very hot and dry, resulting in the deserts in the western US. This is considered a "Continental" climate because it is not really affected by the ocean temperature. Continental climates typically have much more drastic temperature changes not only in different seasons, but also diurnally (daily).

Winds are the result of air moving from different areas of high and low pressure. The larger the different in pressure, the stronger the winds become. Winds and ocean currents are responsible for distributing warmer temperatures from the equator to the rest of the world.
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How do geysers affect the earth's surface?

Geysers can affect the Earth because they have water that can blast hundreds of feet in the air and come out with boiling water and can wash away houses, buildings, ect.

How do wind currents affect climate?

Wind currents can push warm or cold air in the direction of the currents. They can even push storms in the direction the current is flowing. the wind movement also influences the climate of a particular place. The unequal heating of the earth's surface results in the formation of the different win (MORE)

How do surface currents affect climate?

Surface currents affect the climate by the force of the wind andwater temperatures and that's what affects the climate. If you want to get into the details: The world's ocean is crucial to heating the planet. While landareas and the atmosphere absorb some sunlight, the majority of thesun's (MORE)

A warm ocean current affecting England's climate?

Currents that originate near the equator are going to be warm water currents, and currents that form near the poles will be cold water currents. It is the temperature of the waters in these currents that influence the climates of the land masses by or around which they flow.

How does wind affect surface currents?

Water's surface is dragged by global winds which cause it to buildand move in the direction of the wind. The Coriolis effect deflectswinds towards the Southern hemisphere.

Are surface currents caused by wind?

yes surface currents are currently caused by wind! . because the global winds move the water, in the northern hemisphere, the winds moves clock wise, and in the southern hemisphere the winds move counter clock wise. and moves the water 400 meters under the water.

What affects the earth's climate?

Burning fossil fuels as when they are burnt if gives out poisonous gases which then works with the green house effect, which then is destroying the ozone layer so more of the suns raise and heat is reaching the earth, increasing the climate on earth,.

How does erosion affect the earth's surface?

It gives it most of its topography - but over the Earth's life is also responsible for allowing terrestrial life to develop. Without erosion the basic "shape" of the landscape would otherwise be the flat, featureless plains of cratons, or rather ordinary-looking plateaux, hills and mountain-ridges (MORE)

What factors affect the speed and direction of wind on the Earth's surface?

Energy source of Earth is the Sun. Due to tilting of Earth, energy distribution varies with the latitude. Amount of energy received decreases from equator to the poles in both the hemispheres. This unequal distribution of energy along with convection processes makes pressure gradients though out (MORE)

What is the relationship between global wind circulation patterns and surface ocean currents?

The rotation of the Earth, coupled with the difference intemperature between the air and water, creates currents. Warm airand sea tend to flow towards the poles where the cooled air thenflows back towards the equator. Land obstructions cause thecurrents to alter their course. The air is faster to wa (MORE)

How do asteroids affect Earth's climate?

Asteroids can cause mass extinctions because it can cause global cooling and/or global warming. The impact can send enough dust and other material into the atmosphere that can cause sunlight to be darkened.

How do cities affect Earth's climate?

Well, that is a good question. There are several ways, that cities affect Earth's climate.. 1.) POLLUTION- Smog from industrial factories, pollute the air and make the air quality unsafe and unhealthy, for people that live in certain areas of the United States of America. . 2.) CARBON TRANSMISSION (MORE)

How does Antarctica affect earth's climate?

Antarctica is a key element that affects the Earth's climate. Thisis due to the ocean currents surrounding the Antarctic region whichaffect the distribution of heat around the world.

How does a glacier affect the Earth's surface?

Basically it's a river just like any other so what it does is erode a channel through the mountains. Thing is, instead of making a "V" shaped valley like a liquid river would, a glacier makes a "U" shaped valley. When the glacier retreats, the steep slopes collapse pretty readily so you get landslid (MORE)

How do ocean surface currents cause milder climates?

Ocean currents can carry warm water. As they are traveling, the warm water they are carrying warms up the air near them. The warmed air may then also warm the land around it, making the temperature of the land near the ocean currents milder.

How does wind affect earth's erosion?

Wind is capable of lifting off the top most layers of soil and sand. The wind can then carry or drag this material along the faces of rocks, creating an effect similar to sand blasting, which wears away at the surfaces of said rocks. This is known as weathering.

What ocean currents affect the climate of japan?

Pacific: Here is a Wikipedia Article: Japan belongs to the temperate zone with four distinct seasons, but its climate varies from cool temperate in the north to subtropical in the south. The climate is also affected by the seasonal winds that blow from the continent to the ocean in winters and v (MORE)

Do ocean currents affect the New York climate?

Yes, dramatically. Most of up-state area experiences a Humid Continental Climate, but New York City falls under the Humid Subtropical Climate. It is the northernmost city in the USA with this climate. Winter in NYC is moderated heavily by the ocean and is some 4-5C milder than parts of up-state a (MORE)

What causes the major wind currents on the earth's surface?

Basic answer: Solar radiation and the Coriolos effect. Solar radiation causes differential heating of the surface of the Earth. Solar radiation heats the surface of the Earth with varying intensity depending on location, which in turn warms the air near its surface due to ambient heat. As air hea (MORE)

How do earth's movements affect the climate?

earths axis is little tilted which makes its rotation different at different points of time. this change in rotation and the significant difference of distant between the earth and the sun affects the climate

Who discovered worldwide patterns of surface winds and ocean currents?

Matthew Fontaine Maury. He had the nicknames of 'Pathfinder of theSeas," "Father of Modern Oceanography and Naval Meteorology," and"Scientist of the Seas" He literally wrote the book on winds andcurrants with "Wind and Current Chart of the North Atlantic," and"Sailing Directions and Physical Geograp (MORE)

How do rainforests affect the Earth's climate?

Rainforests are one of the world's primary carbon reservoirs. By absorbing carbon dioxide from the air, storing the carbon and giving us oxygen to breathe, tropical forests act as the Earth's thermostat, regulating temperatures and weather patterns. The loss of our forests contributes to between 12 (MORE)

How do ocean currents affect the climate of the Hawaiian islands?

How does Madagascar's climate affect the people's food, houses, clothes, outdoor activities and general life? March 4th, 2010 | by admin | Food: the tropical climate is certainly good for produce of every kind. Houses: The high temperatures in the hot season can be uncomfortable for peop (MORE)

How do ocean current affect climate ang aquatic life?

Ocean currents are the factor that is needed for keeping the Earth's temperature right. Cooler waters cool off hot lands and warmer waters warm up cooler areas. Aquatic life flourishes in certain temperatures.

How do oceans currents affect local climate?

Ocean currents affect climate because they are able to change thetemperature of the shores where the currents move to. Warm currentsare able to prevent ice formation on some shores and beach lines.This gives the area relatively warmer temperatures throughout theyear. The Gulf Stream (a warm current (MORE)

How is the earth's climate being affected?

By the burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) inindustry, transport and the generation of electricity, whichreleases carbon dioxide. This is causing an enhanced (oraccelerated) greenhouse effect which is causing global warming.