How do other owners in condo association evict someone else's tenant if they are verbally abusive and dealing drugs?

Your first act should be to contact the local police and ask what documentation is required in order to file a police report. You may also indicate that the verbal abuse conce (MORE)

Can a new condo owner evict me after 7 years tenancy?

You should check the laws in your area. The landlord has the right to terminate tenancy at any time under certain circumstances with proper notice. In this case, the new owner (MORE)
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Can a Florida condo association evict a tenant if the owner is delinquent on payment of condo fees?

The governing documents for the association spell out eviction processes. They also detail the steps that the board can take when an owner falls delinquent in paying their as (MORE)

Can a Minnesota condo association evict a tenant?

Here is a potential scenario: . If the governing documents state that owners require tenants to abide by the community's governing documents, and . If the tenant violates (MORE)

Can a Florida condo association evict a personally bankrupt unit owner?

Read your governing documents to determine your rights and responsibilities as an owner. When you declare bankruptcy, you draw a line -- the filing date -- prior to which y (MORE)

Can condo owners be evicted by land owners?

Theoretically it MAY be possible, but in practicality probably very difficult. In some states, (Florida being one example) the condo building(s) may be built on real estate (MORE)

Can condo home owner association prevent someone from buying a condo?

Whether it's a condominium unit or a home that is embedded among assets owned in common with other owners, unless the governing documents of the association specifically dicta (MORE)
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If as a condo owner you feel you are being taken advantage of by the President owner of the other condos and you want to get out of the association how do you do it?

Getting out of an association is only possible by selling your unit to a new buyer. "Feeling like you're being taken advantage of..." is possible if you are new to condominiu (MORE)

How do other owners in condo association get a tenant evicted who is using drugs and causing a disturbance?

The disturbance issues are a matter for the unit owner. Owners with a complaint against a unit's resident can notify the board and the association's manager. If the 'quiet hou (MORE)

Can you be evicted for speeding in condo association?

Read your governing documents, including amendments, resolutions and board meeting minutes to determine what constitutes speeding, and the notifications required prior to evic (MORE)