How do people make sound?

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the brain tells it to and then the sound comes out through a voice box.. im not entirely sure how thoughh..
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How do people and animals make sounds?

Your vocal chords vibrate together in your throat, and it creates sound. Actually, if you talk and gently touch your throat, you can feel it.

Why do people make sound?

This is a philosophical question. The easy answer is for communication. But other animals also make sound and at what point in time did people start making sound? Maybe then

How do people make sound when they talk?

Sound is produced by air expelled from the lungs causing the vocal chords to vibrate. The vocal chords can be voluntarily tightened and loosened, changing the pitch of the s

Which sound makes people happy?

due to recent studies sounds of grey whales make people unexplainably happy. it sounds crazy but its true! i tried it on my mother and after she heard the sound she was like a

Do people make a grugling sound before they die?

Often referred to as a "death rattle," this will not be exhibited by everyone who dies. Death rattles, or the gurgling, comes from air moving through the throat, sometimes as
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What mammal makes sounds people cant hear?

Bats. They are blind and use echolocation to navigate when they are flying. They emit high pitched sounds humans ears are unable to hear. The sound frequency in a human voice

What's with the sound people make when they cry?

Sound of cry indicates the emotion of a people. Happy sound, sound of sorrow, boggy sound, condolence sound of cry, hassle sound, fear sound,singing sound, and orgasm sound et