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the brain tells it to and then the sound comes out through a voice box.. im not entirely sure how thoughh..
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Which sound makes people happy?

due to recent studies sounds of grey whales make people unexplainably happy. it sounds crazy but its true! i tried it on my mother and after she heard the sound she was like a

How do people make sound when they talk?

Sound is produced by air expelled from the lungs causing the vocal chords to vibrate. The vocal chords can be voluntarily tightened and loosened, changing the pitch of the s

What makes sound?

Sound is mechanical energy, and anything that exhibits movement canmake sound. But the sound has to have something to travel in. A gasor a liquid or a solid is a medium, and t

Why do donkeys make the sound that they make?

This is just their way of communicating within the herd, to predators, and to humans as well. Animals talk, just as humans do it simply is in a different way. Donkeys are used

How do you make a gunshot sound with sound effects?

Take two boards, 1" by 3", about 2 feet long and holding them  forming a "V" at the bottom, and quickly slap the tops together.   I found that throwing a coconut at a woo

What is the name of the people who make sound effects for movies?

  Many companies call them different things.   * Sound effects specialist - This person makes special effects sounds for movies.  * Sound effects editor.  * Sound eff

Do people make a grugling sound before they die?

Often referred to as a "death rattle," this will not be exhibited by everyone who dies. Death rattles, or the gurgling, comes from air moving through the throat, sometimes as

What makes the flute to make a sound?

When you blow across the embouchure hole, the air that goes inside the flute vibrates. When you open a hole, the air is released from being trapped in the flute and goes out o

What's with the sound people make when they cry?

Sound of cry indicates the emotion of a people. Happy sound, sound of sorrow, boggy sound, condolence sound of cry, hassle sound, fear sound,singing sound, and orgasm sound et

What makes a sound a sound?

Sound is vibration of (mostly air) molecules. Humans hear sounds from about 20 Hz (=20 vibrations per second, deepest bass) to about 20.000 Hz (20.000 vibrations per sec., ver