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There are two types of projectors: The two types of projectors are LCD and DLP.

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. The way this places an image on a screen is fascinating and not nearly as complex as you might imagine. A bulb is set up to shine a fairly powerful light through a prism. The prism splits the light into its component colors and these are sent through small LCD screens. The screens themselves are sent signals to allow just so much of the light through at specific pixel locations. The light is then beamed through a lens onto a screen where the images can be seen by the human eye.

DLP, or Digital Light Processing is a bit more complex. This time the light is shined through a spinning color wheel onto a chip that is mounted with hundreds of thousands of tiny mirrors. The mirrors are turned off or on by electronic impulses according to the need for the color at that moment. Even though only one color is shown at a time, one color follows another so quickly that the primary colors seem to blend into the appropriate color. The image appears to be constantly lit, when in fact small parts of it are constantly flickering. This technology was developed by Texas Instruments and is based on an older technology that was used for color television in the 1950s.

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Who invented the projector?

Although Athenasius Kircher is often credited with inventing thefirst projector, credit actually belongs to Christian Huygens, the17th century Dutch physicist. He described the earliest knownprojector in a letter to his brother in 1656. William Lincoln invented a projector called the "wheel of life" or" zoopraxiscope ." It was patented in 1867. Eadweard Muybridge visited Thomas Edison's lab. Muybridge had beenworking on stop motion photography. Edison invented 35 mm film towork with a movie camera.

What is a multimedia projector?

A multimedia projector would be one that can play different medias, such as having a PC input (VGA or DVI usually) and a composite (yellow, white and red) and component (red blue and green) sometimes and possibly a HDMI port as well so you can watch many different things and it can be used for different purposes

How does a movie projector work?

The film is taken from a reel above the projector and passes in front of a very bright bulb. Each frame is held in place for approximately 1/24 seconds. The image is projected into a screen.

What is a projector?

A projector simply projects images onto a wall or projection screen. Projectors are typically used to increase the image size for viewing by audiences. Projectors come in a variety of sizes, normally measured in Lumens which is the brightness of the light. This brightness will determine the size the image can project and the distance the projector can be from the screen. Slide projectors use light to project images from 35mm slides. Digital Projectors use light to project images from computers and DVD players.

What is multimedia projector?

A multimedia projector is a display device that can display multiple types of media. Such as DVD players, CATV boxes, PC's and laptops. Most have multiple inputs with different video connectors and formats supported.

How do you get the Sanyo pro xtrax projector to work with your laptop?

you can put a video-cable in the video port from your laptop with an adapter cable witch end in a tulip cable(yellow). the (yellow) tulip cable is conected in the S-video in port section below the S-cable input. if you can vind the adaptor witch end in a S-cable it,s better bud harder to vind. the usb connection does not work without the driver,do not know were to find one.

How does a video projector work?

A video projector takes a video and reflects it off a mirror. Thevideo is played on a screen that is a solid color preferably white.

What is projector?

A projector is a machine that shines a reflection of an image or text onto the surface in front of it. Example: The music teacher shone the song lyrics onto the wall for the children to see via the projector

What is an Infocus projector?

InFocus is a professional line of Home Theatre, Business, Corporate and Classroom projectors. They get good reviews, and some of their models are DLP and LCD. I personally own a InFocus LP640, and I love it.

Why was the projector invented?

The first projector was invented by Christiaan Huygens in the1650s. It was called the Magic Lantern and was made to projectimages on a surface.

What are profile projectors?

Also known as an optical comparator, or even called a shadowgraph, a profile projector is an optical instrument that can be used for measuring. It is a useful item in a small parts machine shop or production line for the quality control inspection team. The projector magnifies the profile of the specimen, and displays this on the built-in projection screen. On this screen there is typically a grid that can be rotated 360 degrees so the X-Y axis of the screen can be aligned with a straight edge of the machined part to examine or measure. This projection screen displays the profile of the specimen and is magnified for better ease of calculating linear measurements. An edge of the specimen to examine may be lined up with the grid on the screen. From there, simple measurements may be taken for distances to other points. This is being done on a magnified profile of the specimen. It can be simpler as well as reduce errors by measuring on the magnified projection screen of a profile projector. The typical method for lighting is by diascopic illumination, which is lighting from behind. This type of lighting is also called transmitted illumination when the specimen is translucent and light can pass through it. If the specimen is opaque, then the light will not go through it, but will form a profile of the specimen. Measuring of the sample can be done on the projection screen. A profile projector may also have episcopic illumination which is light shining from above. This useful in displaying bores or internal areas that may need to be measured. If you have a need for a profile projector or optical comparator, please contact us today. We have several lines available, including versions with manual micrometers or newer versions with digital readouts and digital micrometers for accurate and fast microscope measuring.

What is multimedia projector its working and types?

regarding throw of image these can be divided into three classes i.e medium range, short throw(st)and ultra short throw (ust) and regarding working it has two basic types i.e 3lcd and dlp. 3lcd is good (4-5 hr) for continuous prolong work, with comparatively poor resolution, whereas dlp provide high resolution but meant for short use i.e 45-60 min than rest needed coz it dont have fan cooling system (answer by shahid jamal)

Advantages of projector?

There are quite a few advantages of using a projector. More peoplewill be able to see and hear what you are talking about forexample.

Advantages of a projector?

Projectors have a few advantages such as larger picture ispossible, low cost and it saves space. There are some disadvantagessuch as a dark room is needed, maintenance and installation can bemore complicated.

What is a LCD projector?

An LCD projector is a type of video projector for displaying video, images or computer data on a screen or other flat surface

What are the advantages of a projector?

Projectors can produce a larger image at a much lower cost than a different display technology of the same size (lcd, led, plamsa, etc...)

How many watts does a projector light bulb work?

The bulb takes anywhere between 200w and 400w depending on the size and lumins of the projector. Then there's the electronics and fan. Alltogether a power supply of 220v and 2.5A will be sufficient (500W). However, friends of mine with a 600 VA UPS (Uninteruptable Power Supply) couldn't run their's on it as it may require faster switching then the ups provides.

Explain working of VCR vcd audio CD player and lcd projector?

VCD player has a few main components: 1) CD reader (any cheap CD-ROM drive will do, 1X is all required) 2) a decoder (in embedded firmware) to decode MPEG stream to video 3) a video graphic circuitry with audio and TV-OUT All these are controlled by a little micro processor. The CD reader read the MPEG stream from the CD media, the microcontroller then decode that stream to put data in a video buffer which is display by the video graphic circuitry.

How do you use the projector?

lots of way talk to the boys at . the boys are always happy to help people out

What do projectors do?

Projecters show a larger version on a screen or blank wall of what you are either teaching or watching. For example when i went to my friends house she has a projecter and we watched 'Get Smart' on her big blank wall in her house and she projected it on this little machine that you put the DVD in and it comes out the lense.

How does a slide projector work?

A bright light lights the slide (a prepared positive cut from the original film). The light travels through a lens to focus it and on to a screen. There are many mechanisms to change slides, from manual insertion, to rotary and linear slide trays.

What was the purpose of the projector?

the purpose of a projector is for class work and for work you needto display.

What is PC projector?

A PC Projector Interfaces with a computer to project what is on the monitor to a large screen.

What are the disadvantages of projectors?

Yes, the fact that you need to have the space to project them and that people wont cause shadows by walking in front and both DLP and LCD both have disadvantages such as: DLP: -Can cause rainbow effect LCD: -Can cause screen door effect

What is the purpose of a projector?

An output device that can take the display of a computer screen andproject a large version of it onto a flat surface. Projectors are often used in meetings andpresentations to help make sure everyone in the room can view thepresentation. In the picture to the right, is a ViewSonicprojector and an example of what a projector may look like.Projectors used with computers are small devices that are rarelymuch larger than a toaster and typically weigh a few pounds

Can smartphones work with projectors?

Yes, the new ones such as samsung galaxy note or s3 with adapter will work with HD TV and also projectors with hdmi in.

Do 1999 cavalier halo projector headlights work on 2003 cavalier?

No they don't You need to get all new wiring harnesses made for that year, new fenders from that year, new hood from that year, new bumper from that year, and then , yes they will work.

What is an adobe projector?

An Adobe projector is an executable file authored with either Adobe Flash or Adobe Director. It is a Flash file (if made with Adobe Flash) or a Shockwave file (if made with Adobe Director) wrapped (or projected) with the necessary data to be launched outside of plug-ins or players. In the case of Flash projectors, it enables the content to be run without any additional plug-ins, while Director projectors still require users to have the Adobe Shockwave player installed on their computers.

Will super8 movie film work on an 8mm projector?

super8 works on super8 and 8mm on 8mm projectors, some projectors do have a switch to go from one to another

What are projector headlight?

Projector headlights provide a much more intense beam of light for your car. According to CarPart4U, "Stylized projector headlights allow for a much more concentrated and intense beams of light for your car driving lights needs. Projector headlights direct light beam penetrates the air, allowing the projector headlight to illuminate farther down the road than run-of-the-mill parabolic headlights."

Does the micro spy remote from work on projectors?

I have one of those spy remotes and sad to say it did not work on the projectors that I tried them on. I have a lot of those small remotes and none of mine worked on any projectors.

What does projector mean?

An optical device for projecting a beam of light . An optical instrument that projects an enlarged image onto a screen

What is the function of the projector?

a projector is an output device. A projector creates a video image and projects it on to an any surface.

What is led projector?

LED projectors are very different than your typical DLP and LCD projectors as they do not require a typical projector lamp like their predecessors. Led projectors require less maintenance than their counterparts and have much longer "lamp life" which is typically around 20,000 hours for an LED light source versus 2,000-4,000 for a conventional projector lamp. LED projectors use the light harnessed by individual laser diodes to create the light that is usually created through a standard type of bulb or lamp.

Why wont your s video cable work between your projector and tv?

Your TV is unlikely to have a S-Video output to go to the projector. What most TV's had was a S-Video input, to come from a Super VHS VCR or older generation gaming console. If indeed the TV has a S-Video OUTPUT, and the projector is set to the correct input (usually this has to be changed in the input menu) and you are still not getting any picture, I would check the S-Video cable for bent pins. The cable's pins are very thin and can easily be bent or broken off with rough handling.

What is the working principle of slide projector?

A powerful beam of light through the transparent slide image is focused by a convex lens to produce an image on a screen .

What types of projector are there?

Modern projectors are either LCD or DLP based panels. Most medium-to large projectors use a halogen light source. Small 'pico' projectors use a LED light source.

How do you get the Sanyo pro xtrax projector to work with your TV?

You cannot connect a projector to a TV directly. The connections on the TV for video are inputs, not outputs. You need to connect a source such as a DVD player or cable or satellite receiver to the projector.

How does a micro projector work?

A micro projector works by taking an image, scanning it, and then resizing it to the desired size. This is actually really how all of the projectors work.

How does a projector phone work?

The projector phone is just what the name describes! It is both a smart phone and a portable projector. It gives the convenience of portability and professionalism in your pocket. It works just like a regular projector showing files from your phone and/or slides. It also has convenience of bluetooth, so that you can use your phone hands free. It utilizes a touch screen feature, making it easy to navigate.

What shops can you get a projector from?

you can buy projectors from you nearest PC world or whsmiths if not you can look in different stores

Where to get projector lamps?

Cyndee$Attic CyndeesAttic just google it they have bulbs for everything microscopes movie slide projectors medical lamps for tube testing vintage AMERICAN made bulbs for trains hobbys you name ittheyhave it! AMAZING!

What is the working principle of LCD projector?

The principle of LCD projector is to display different thing largerlike video ,images, computed images and different items large .

How do you make your computer work as a projector?

Do you mean connect it to a projector? If so, you need a projector, your computer and a special screen cord. Connect the cord to your computer and projector and is should work!

What is data projector?

Data projectors are devices that project computer output onto a screen or wall. They are widely used in classrooms, offices, conference rooms, and auditoriums for instruction and presentations.

Will BenQ M660P Projector work on Imac?

Yes, it will work fine. You can use the USB out or the Monitor out connections.

Would a normal whiteboard work with a smart projector?

It will still project, but it will not be an interactive board. You could project something and write with whiteboard markers on the projection, but you cannot click on anything unless you go to the source (usually the computer).

What field of work would projectors and screens be used in?

Projectors and screens are used in businesses and in office situations where conferences and meetings are often used. This could be most fields of work but is possibly more likely to be a consultancy type of business.

What is the point of a projector?

Projectors can be used for many different purposes. They can be used for presentations, such as PowerPoint presentations. They can also be used for home cinemas or for playing games.

What is overhead projector and projector?

An overhead projector is used to project an image of a transparencyonto a wall or screen by means of an overhead mirror. There are also "slide projectors" that are used to displayphotographic slides on a wall or screen. A "projector" or "digital projector" would be used similar to acomputer monitor or a television screen that would display aninputted image from a variety of sources (blu-ray player, computer,laptop, dvd players, game console, etc.). In the case of aprojector the image is projected with the help of a light apparatusshining through a small silicon ship and projected through a lensto create an image on your wall or projector screen.