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I am a redhead, and with my fair skin, I burn very easily, but I do not tan until I have been burned repeatedly many times (such as after a trip too the beach). Even then, it is not a drastic difference. Redheads do get freckles on their face and shoulders from the sun exposure, though.
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How do you get a tan?

You sit in the sun for about 2-3-4 hours. No! Do not sit in the sun for that long. You could get dehydrated and get sun poisioning! Use tanning lotion is the way i find

How do you get tan?

There are many ways that you can get tan. One of the most popular is the sun. It is free, and it is nice to bask in the sun. The sun may be free, but too much exposure can cau

Can redheads tan?

Yes, it is possible. Whether a redhead can get a tan or not depends very heavily on genetics.

How can you get tan?

Being outside in the sun is helpful. Even if you don't have time to lay out just being outside does a fair bit. Revealing clothing helps make it even throughout your body, a b

How do you get the tan?

You can get a tan in a few ways. The most popular way to get a tan  is to lay out in the sun. Some other ways to get a tan is, using a  tanning bed, a tanning lotion, or tan

Why are you a redhead?

  why? umm cause your parents have that color hair in there genes. so now you have it

What does tans do to you?

Tans darken your skin and give you vitamin e, if you are suggesting to the sun. But if you are talking about artificial tans, then they wrinkle your skin, when you grow older.

Can redheads get a tan?

no they cant get a tan cuz they are just going to get burnt and start to peel and all that Close but no prize. redheads ARE able to get a tan but it is very rare. The gene f

What is a tan?

A tan is a change in your skin color based on exposure to sun or other UV rays. The sunlight makes your skin start to produce more melanin, which is a coloring that makes your