How do reset t-belt light cruiser 2008?

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Hi I have cruiser 2008 gxr how is reset t.belt light
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What do you think the problem may be if the timing belt light illuminates again within a short period after being reset after belt replacement on an 80 series cruiser and how is the lamp triggered?

The 1HZ toyota 4.2L diesel and its variants have a kevlar reinforced timing belt. All toyota's with the 1HZ have a timing belt light, which at every 100,000km is illuminated v

How to Reset oil light on a 2008 charger?

Key to "on" do not start engine. Fully depress accelerator pedal slowly three times within ten seconds. Turn ignition key to "lock" If light comes on again, you did it

How do you reset the service light on a 2008 viano?

Ensure ignition is switched OFF. Switch ignition ON and briefly press button[A] twice. Within 10 seconds: Switch ignition OFF. Press and hold button [A]. Switch ignition ON. C

How can you reset the 2008 Tundra Maintenance Light?

While holding the "A" trip meter button down, turn the ign switch to "on" ( not start). Hold the trip button down and watch the trip meter count down from - - - - - , - - - -
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How do you reset t belt light on Toyota hilux diesel 2008?

There are a couple of ways to reset the timing belt light on a 2008 Toyota Hilux diesel. One way is to unplug the battery for up to five minutes and see if that will reset the