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How do reset t-belt light cruiser 2008?

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Hi I have cruiser 2008 gxr how is reset t.belt light
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How do you reset oil change light on Chevrolet Cobalt 2008?

On any GM vehicle, turn the key to the accessory position (TWO CLICKS FORWARD), then press the gas pedal to the floor three times in a row. Then start the vehicle. The light s (MORE)

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How do you reset the maintenance required light on a 2005 Toyota Land Cruiser?

Turn key on. Set odometer to odo not trip a or b. Turn key off. Press and hold trip setter. With trip setter still held turn key on, continue to hold trip setter for 5 s (MORE)

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How can you reset the 2008 Tundra Maintenance Light?

  While holding the "A" trip meter button down, turn the ign switch to "on" ( not start). Hold the trip button down and watch the trip meter count down from - - - - - , - (MORE)

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How to Reset oil light on a 2008 charger?

Key to "on" do not start engine. Fully depress accelerator pedal slowly three times within ten seconds. Turn ignition key to "lock" If light comes on again, you did it (MORE)

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How do you reset the check engine light on a PT cruiser?

You will need to pull the negative lead from the battery for 10 minutes.     Or you can just wait for a couple of days and it will reset on it's own, as long as you fi (MORE)