How do reset t-belt light cruiser 2008?

Hi I have cruiser 2008 gxr how is reset t.belt light
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How do you reset the maintenance required light on a 2005 Toyota Land Cruiser?

Turn key on. Set odometer to odo not trip a or b. Turn key off. Press and hold trip setter. With trip setter still held turn key on, continue to hold trip setter for 5 seco (MORE)

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How to reset t belt light in toyota?

To reset the T belt light in Toyota kindly see your manual or take  it to a Toyota accredited car dealer.

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How to Reset oil light on a 2008 charger?

Answer   Key to "on" do not start engine. Fully depress accelerator pedal slowly three times within ten seconds. Turn ignition key to "lock" If light comes on again, y (MORE)

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