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How do resources affect the economy?

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The more resources, the more economic activity is possible, the fewer resources, the less economic activity is possible.
Michael Montagne
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What is a one-resource economy?

a one-resource economy is an economy that relies on one thing

How can the presence or absence of natural resources and arable land affect a nation's economy?

That's like asking how can the presence of lungs and other vital organs affect life if their was no air being breathed by a human. The organs, like resources, are nice, but do

What is a one resource economy and what are some problems with it?

A one-resource economy is a country which relies on the exportation of a single resource such as in many African colonies when they gained independence. Examples of their one-

How does the global economy affect the apportionment of natural resources?

The distribution of economic power between nations determines where  materials are needed most. Because, at any point in time, there are  finite amounts of natural resources

What are the major resources of Mexico and how does it effect the economy?

Mexico is quite rich in natural resources, including hydrocarbons,  as well as many minerals such as silver, bismuth, fluorspar,  molybdenum, arsenic, graphite, copper, gold