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In this scientific world, machines make humans lazy and weak. And many industries and our works are recently automated which makes us lazy. Our predecessors did everything physically and mentally, then some of them created machines to reduce our work. So indirectly they made us quite lazy. And now everything is automated by us so it makes our offspring lazy. Let us consider situation that suddenly all machines will fail to work then think our life. All of us know how to handle a mobile phone (machine) to send a message but a few members know how to construct this how many of us know how to send a message without a machine?

Then there is the other side of things. As human knowledge has increased, so too has our ability to create technology that is not only bigger, faster and more efficient, but that technology can tend to be more hazardous, so robotics and automation in general make life safer for us.

Life today is, in many ways, better than life as recently as 100 years ago. Life expectancy has increased, not just because of our medical advances, but also because of simple things such as the way we travel. Horses, for example, were dangerous. They are large, dumb animals, that are easily frightened, and people who worked around horses were often killed or injured by a frightened horse. Coal heated homes resulted in breathing problems and early death. Inadequate medical knowledge resulted in quackery and dangerous medical practices.

Today, robotics are used for just about everything, from medical procedures to working in nuclear facilities, making life better and safer for humans. There may be some argument about the effect of automation on the human culture, but if you will just ignore the critics, and examine the facts for yourself, you SHOULD be able to recognize that almost all forms of automation have been a benefit to humans. Today our athletes are faster and stronger than ever before, and we have that advantage to a large part, because of automation; computers that tell us what the statistics really mean.

It's hard to argue that automation makes us weak when athletes are breaking just about every record.
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