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How do satellites gather data for satellite image?

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Satellites gather data from a satellite image by using electronic devices to collect computer data
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How does Google Earth collect the satellite images?

They collect their satellite images from a variety of cameras including; low level satellite photography, aerial photography and even on occassion kite and balloon cameras. Th

Where are the satellites?

satellites are located 37,000 km above the earth's equator.

How do satellites provide images of Earth's surface and atmosphere?

One of the most important benefits of space exploration has been the development of satellite technology. Satellites collect data from every region of our planet. The data are

How do landsat satellites collect data?

It uses remote sensing or in other words sonar.

What do satellite images show?

Satellite images can show things like landforms and the outlines of countries. Also, those images can be used in GPS devices to show roads.

How does satellite imaging in the sky work?

Satillite imagining is a process where a satelitte in space is sending beams to various places on earth. these later take pictures and send it to earth

How do satellites send images and data back from outer space over 100's of millions of miles?

  Answer   They send data about 1-22,000 miles. The moon isn't even millions of miles away, it's about 250,000 miles away, or 1/4 million miles. They send informati

How are satellite images helpful?

they r helpful as they are made such they go into the space and dont get burrn and get us valuable information about universe