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A solar flare is a huge explosion that occurs on the surface of the sun. These explosions emit large amounts of radioactive material into space that can find its way to Earth. This radioactive material thrown from the sun during a solar flare can interfere with the magnetic fields of Earth, according to NASA.
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How is the intensity of a solar flare measured?

Solar flares are classified as A, B, C, M or X according to the peak flux (in watts per square meter, W/m2) of 100 to 800 picometer (1 picometer equals 1 trillion of a meter)

How hot is a solar flare?

Solar flares can reach up to 10 or 20 million degrees Kelvin. That's 9999726.85 or 19999726.85 degrees Celsius and 17999540.33 or 35999540.33 degrees Fahrenheit!

What problems can solar flares cause?

The Harmful Rays Can Cause Blindness Because You Pupil Is Delicate . Also during a strong solar storm, large powerful flares can cause power failure by overloading the electri

Do solar flares affect the ozone layer?

Coronal Mass Ejections however provide hydrogen, which in turn helps degrade ozone when present in the "ozone layer". The sun is the primary contributor though to the health

Will your car work after a solar flare?

Unlikely.. At least, in a solar flare, electronics are destroyed. If your car did not run on any electricity, it would probably be fine.

Can solar flares cause earthquakes?

There is a direct correlation between solar flares and earthquakes. As the Moon affects our tides, the Sun affects the mantle, tectonic plates and disrupts electrical activity

What are solar flares?

Solar flares are magnetic storms on the sun which produce high levels of radiation and charged particles. These can temporarily intensify the solar wind, which can interfere w

What is a solar flare?

A solar flare is an eruption of plasma from the Sun's surface. It is the result of a magnetic field line of the sun twisting (since plasma is made of electrically charged part

Describe the difference between a solar flare and a solar prominence which affects us and how?

The difference between a solar flare and a solar prominence is that a solar flare emits charged partials, which travel to the Earth. Solar prominence are large sheets that bur

How fast do solar flares travel?

About 2 million mph. Pretty Fast ! That answer may be referring to "coronal mass ejections" rather than the closely related phenomenon of solar flares.

How far can a solar flare travel?

I'm studying the milky way in class right now and according to my science book you can fit 2 Jupiter's and 3 earths inside of a solar prominence and that flares can travel mor

Are solar flares deadly?

Yes they are, if you know what they are then good, if you don't then here it is; solar flares are flares that come from the sun, so if your up in space and you get to one GOOD

How do solar flares affect the Earth?

Solar flares can make communication by radio and telephone  difficult at times.    The earth itself is strongly protected by its magnetic field. When  there is a grea

How often does solar flare occur?

This depends upon the flare intensity. The statistics of flares that were detected from 1980 through 1989 with the Hard x-ray Burst Spectrometer on the solar maximum mission s