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Most captive Indian stick insects can and do reproduce in the absence of a male (parthenogenetic reproduction). The insect (female) will lay hundreds of tiny (0.08 inch or 2 mm) eggs over her life. These are smooth and round and must be separated form the feces at the bottom of the cage.
Populations of stick insects which still live in the wild in India where the males are much more common breed in a conventional fashion. Here the mail fertilities the eggs and they and while the females can reproduce parthenogeneticaly, there are probably good genetic reasons for this since without normal sexual reproduction the species would be expected to lose genetic diversity over time and therefore be unable to adapt and evolve.
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What are stick insects?

Stick insects have the appearance of sticks, but with legs. These insects have taken the art of disguise to extremes. Many species have stem or leaf like bodies and subtle col

Do stick insects reproduce by laying eggs?

Yes, the females of all stick insects lay eggs. Some females mate but in some species the female can successfully lay eggs without the help of a male. This is called parthenog

How do insects reproduce?

They lay their own eggs (asexual) and mate with other inects. (sexually) The question is too broad to answer.

How do stick insects stick to surfaces?

They use their legs which act like velcro to the surface they walk on. Improved Answer: The previous answer isn't entirely correct; stick insect feet are completely smooth,

What does a stick insect do?

A stick insect lives in any tree or in any area it eats leaves, brambles, ivy, eucalyptus, accia, wattle, blackberry leaves and oak.

What type of insect is a stick insect?

Stick insects are insects that are able to disguise as a stick almost perfectly, resting their legs lengthwise down the body. and the antennae straight out. Some stick insects

Do stick insects eat stick insects?

Not normally, but if you have babies in a tank with adults they might eat them, but probably won't. Some eat their shedded skin though.