How do teenagers get pregnant?

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The same way as anyone else, they have unprotected sex the sperm from the man fertilizes the woman's egg and hey presto - pregnant!  Get a book from the library, it will have all the answers you need.
Dont you have sex ed?
 Well apparently you haven't been informed very well about the "birds and the bees". They become impregnated by having either unprotected sex or there contraceptive (i.e: birth control, condoms, others...) did not succesfully keep the woman from becoming pregnant; Some ways that the contraceptives may have failed are that the condom may have broken (what happened to me), they could have missed a day of the birth control, the condom can also "slip off" if it is too large for the male's "region", there are also many other ways that the contraceptives could have failed but those are the most often. Please educate yourself in the area of contraceptives because they really will save you from premature adult-hood, which i know as a pregnant teen is not a fun ordeal.The only way to be 100% safe from having a child at a young age or any age as a matter of fact if to practice abstinence which, in case you aren't sure what that is is where you refrain from having sex; atleast until you realize what you want out of life.
I really hope I helped you sweetie; much love and may god bless you.

Having sex
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What to do when you are pregnant and a teenager?

babies are an insane amount of money and work!! make sure you can afford it with food and insurance and bills and everything!! it costs thousands of dollars (literally!!) just

Can teenagers get pregnant?

Yes, teens can get pregnant. Teenage pregnancy is actually quite a struggle. There are national campaigns geared towards education and prevention. See the related link below.

Can a teenager get pregnant?

As soon as a teenager reaches their first period and produces eggs they can become pregnant. Although, they are a lot more likely to have a miscarriage. . Miscarriages happen

How do you get a teenager pregnant?

You get a teenager pregnant by having sex with her. However, sex with teens is illegal is most parts of the world. In Sims, only adults can become pregnant. They've blocked

Why teenagers get pregnant?

Birth control fail No sex ed and/or only been taught abstinence Wanting a family because you and the boyfriend is so perfect together Always wanted to be a young parent

How can a teenager get pregnant?

Well, first you have to go to a churchyard and say "I am dumb" 3 times, and then you have to cut your toenails and eat them, and same day you have to kiss a ladybug 10 times o

How do teenagers get pregnant in sims 2?

On PC, first you have to make a family of however many Sims you want, but they must be adults other wise it wont work. Then move them into a house. click shift, ctrl and c tog
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How do a teenager know that she is pregnant?

A teen can determine pregnancy in the same way that an adult can. You can notice symptoms which include: missed period, fatigue, swollen and or tender breasts, mood swings, fl
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What do you do if you are a teenager and you are pregnant?

If I were you, I would keep her/he. The minute you lay eyes on your baby, you will fall in love with he/her. If your under 16 and you don't have anyone (someone living in your