How do the mountains of Europe effect Europe?

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The mountains of Europe are also known as a barrier, or obstacle. The early settlers of Europe could not get past the mountains, so they just made their settlements there. I would think that they cause a considerable climate change, too.
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What is the tallest mountain in Europe?

Mount Elbrus in the Caucus Mountains of Russia is, with the highest of its twin peaks at 5,642 meters (18510 ft) above sea level, the highest point on the continent of Europe. Mont Blanc, in the French Alps, is the tallest point in Western Europe at 4,800 meters (15,748 ft) above sea level. (A m (MORE)

What are the highest mountains in Europe?

Answer . The highest mountains in Europe are the Caucasus, located in eastern Europe. Six mountains in this range are taller than the highest mountain in the Alps.

What is the largest mountain system in Europe?

Alps The Alps are the largest mountain system in Europe. Europe's most prominent mountain system is Mount Blanc. This iswhat it was known a while back but it is now known as Mount Elbrus.

Where are the Rhodope mountains in eastern Europe?

The Rhodope Mountains stretch from south central Bulgaria into northern Greece. See (requires membership to read the full article),, and a host of other references available by searching Goo (MORE)

What are the major mountain peaks in Europe?

The major peaks of Europe are Mt. Elbrus in Russia, Mt. Blanc in France, Jungfrau in Switzerland, and Mulhacen in Spain. Mt Etna in Sicily is higher than Mulhacen but technically is not on the European Continent. See the related links.

What are the mountain ranges of the Europe?

There are much too many to name, but some examples are the Alps, the Pyrenees, the Apennines, the Urals, the Caucuses, and the Zarkos Mountains. A complete list in located in the link below, and is separated by country.

What is the largest mountain chain in Europe?

The largest mountain chain in Europe would be the Alps. The largest chain of mountains in Europe, based on elevation and on infamy, is the Alps. However, the longest chain would be the Scandinavian mountains at 1762 km, then the Carpathian Mountains at 1500 km, and then the Alps at 1200 km.

What are three mountain ranges in Europe?

Three mountain ranges in Europe are the Scandinavian Mountains,Alps and Swiss Alps. Alps, which stretches around 1,200 kilometers,covers around 8 European countries.

Mountains between Europe and Asia?

The Caucasus Mountains divide the continents Europe and Asia. TheCaucasus Mountains are the highest mountain range found on Europeancontinent.

What are the five tallest mountains in Europe?

1. Elbrus 5.633 in Russia 2.Dykh-Tau (5,205 m), Russia 3.Shkhara (5,201 m), Georgia 4.Джанга or Janga (Jangi-Tau), (5,059 m), Georgia 5.Mount Kazbek (5,033 m), Georgia - the third highest mountain in Georgia. 6.Ushba (4,710 m), Georgia - a notable peak 7.Shkelda (4,322 m), Georgia (MORE)

What mountain range is in Europe?

Carpathian mountains . Also the Alps and the Pyrenees, the Tatras, and several minor ranges, including the Cambrian mountains and the Cairngorms in Britain.

What are the ten tallest mountains in Europe?

1. Mont Blanc -- France -- 15,711 feet 2. Monte Rosa -- Switzerland -- 15,203 feet 3. Dom -- Switzerland -- 14,911 feet 4. Liskamm -- Italy -- 14,852 feet 5. Weisshorn -- Switzerland -- 14,780 feet 6. Taschhorn -- Switzerland -- 14,731 feet 7. Matterhorn -- Italy-Switzerland -- 14,692 feet 8. Dent B (MORE)

What mountain ranges are in Europe?

Alps,Pyrenees,Carpathians,Scandinavian,Dynarics,Apenini,Balkans,Ural,Sierra Nevada and so on..highest point being Mont Blanc-French Alps (m,4807) though Elbrus in the Caucasus is higher(m,5642) however it is at the border between Europe and Asia( some claim this is the highest peak in Europe but mos (MORE)

How many mountains in Europe?

Because there are so many mountains throughout Europe, refer to the link below for a list of European mountains. You can search mountains either by country or by range.

Are the Andes mountains in Europe?

no, they are located in the west side of south America .( They are located in 7 countries : Ecuador, Peru, Argentina,Bolivia, Venezuela, Chile and Columbia . )

What are the five biggest mountains in Europe?

The biggest and tallest mountains in Europe are as follows, 1. Elbrus 5.633 in Russia 2. Rustiveli 5.201 in Russia 3. Dykh-Tau 5.198 in Russia 4. Agri Dagi (Mt Ararat) 5.137 in Turkey 5. B y kagri 5.123 in Turkey

Are the tallest mountains of Europe in the south?

While the highest mountain in Europe is located in the Caucasus mountain range in eastern Europe, the bulk of the highest mountains are located in southern Europe, such as the mountains located in the Alps in southern France, Switzerland, Northern Italy. Included in this list are also the various mo (MORE)

Does Europe have the highest mountains?

No, Asia does. The Indian plate is the fastest moving Continental plate in the world. When it collides with the Asian plate, it creates mountains quickly

Are the Atlas Mountains Europe?

No, the Atlas Mountains are in Africa. However, there are directly across the Mediterranean from Europe, so they are very close.

Which is the mountainous country in Europe?

The Alps are the largest mountain range in Europe, stretching from Austria and Slovenia in the east through Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany to France in the west. Liechtenstein, Austria and Switzerland can be considered the most mountainous countries in Europe. However the highest Euro (MORE)

What are the ten tallest mountains of Europe?

1. Mont Blanc -- 15,711 feet 2. Monte Rosa -- 15,203 feet 3. Dom -- 14,911 feet 4. Liskamm -- 14,852 feet 5. Weisshorn -- 14,780 feet 6. Taschhorn -- 14,731 feet 7. Matterhorn -- 14,692 feet 8. Dent Blanche 14,291 feet 9. Nadelhorn -- 14,196 feet 10. Grand Combin -- 14,154 feet

What mountain is the highest in Europe?

Mount Elbrus, located in the Caucus Mountains (Russia). However, this is not really considered to be in Europe or earn the title of largest European mountain. The recognized tallest mountain in Europe is Mont Blanc/Monte Bianco, located on the French-Italian border.

Which mountain is the hightest point in Europe?

The true highest point in Europe is Mount Elbrus, Russia, which is located in the Caucuses. However, since the Caucuses are in both Europe and Asia, many geographers disregard this mountain range in calculating the tallest mountain in Europe. The recognized tallest mountain is Mont Blanc/Monte Bianc (MORE)

Where are Europe is mountain region located?

Mountains can be found all over Europe. For example, the Alps are located mostly in Central Europe, the Scandinavians mountains in Scandinavia, the Transylvanian Alps in the Balkans, the Pyrenees in the Southwest, the Apennines in Italy, etc.