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Because Okonkwo is afraid of being like his father, he refuses to show emotions and change his views when the white men take over. When he murders one of the kotma (kinsmen who have joined forces with the white men) he realizes all hope for rebellion is lost and that in the end he failed. So he hangs himself. Also his son converts to Christianity, he gets exiled from the clan for seven years, and he gets arrested. He also dishonors the tribes ancestors and their earth goddess Ani many times over causing reoccurring shame in and on his family.
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What things fall apart in Things Fall Apart?

The "things" that fall apart in the book are really the Ibo way of life, and Okonkwo's life as he knows it. Okonkwo had built himself up to be a self made man, who had aspirat

What is a summary of Things Fall Apart?

Okonkwo is the epitome of the Ibo culture. He is a great warrior, and has many titles. In part one of the book it is giving background information about the culture, tradition

What is the vocabulary in things fall apart?

The vocabulary is the set of words used in the book Things FallApart. Most of the words are English, but many are from the Igbolanguage.

Who are the characters of Things Fall Apart?

Okonkwo is the main character. Unoka is Okonkwo's father. Wives: Okonkwo's first wife, never named. Ekwefi: Okonkwo's second wife. Ojiugo: Okonkwo's third wife.

Who is Ani in things fall apart?

Ani is the goddess who is owner of all lands, the earth goddess and source of all fertility. She was also the ultimate judge of morality and conduct. Moreover she was in conta

What made things fall apart in Things Fall Apart?

There are many things that fall apart in Things Fall Apart, so they should be taken one at a time. Ikemefuna's life: - Murder of Umuofian Ogbuefi Udo's wife by a Mbanta m

What is the resolution in Things Fall Apart?

The resolution of the main character was to commit suicide because he had seen his village abandon their honor and name. He wanted to fight the white missionaries, but no one

What is Mbanta in Things Fall Apart?

Mbanta is one of the 9 Igbo villages in Things Fall Apart. Notably, it is Okonkwo's motherland, home to Uchendu, his uncle.

Who is Oduche in Things Fall Apart?

Oduche is a man who had a land dispute with his neighbour, and as a result of his bribing the white officials, the whites' court awarded the land to him. If taken to a tribal

Who published Things Fall Apart?

Various companies published this book by Chinua Achebe throughout the years, although it was first published by a smaller London publishing company which was later absorbed in

Who is Nwakibie from things fall apart?

Nwakibie is the richest man in Umuofia, and is a man of many titles. When other people need financial favours, they go to see him.

What is the crisis of things fall apart?

The crisis is losing your way of life. In the story the Villages lost their everyday customs and traditions because of the white missionaries that moved into their homeland. T

Who were the women in things fall apart?

There are three women that play a major role in Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe. The first is Okonkwo's (the protagonist) second wife, Ekwefi. She has a history of childr