How do u say bye in french?

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Au revoir, or see you soon abientot

How do you say good bye in Chinese?

In chinese, 再见 or 'zai jian' means good bye. 'Zai' means again and 'jian' means to see. Put them together, again to see. Zai Jian

How do you say bye?

here is some ways you can say bye. . see you later alligator in a while crocodile . later . goodbye cheese-face . good day . pip pip cheerio . adios amigos . ta ta for now . ttfn . ttyl . gtg . brb . bye bye . good bye . talk to you l8er . most importantly~ bye . hasta la vista . c (MORE)

How do you say good-bye in French?

Goodbye is au revoir in French, pronounced "oh ruh-vwar".. Good bye in French is 'au revoir, salut, à la prochaine, à bientôt'

Bye bye in French?

tu ressembles à un chien d'aujourd'hui. this is the proper way to say bye, or so my friend told me.

How do you say bye in french?

Of course the standard way to say goodbye in French is au revoir -- "oh r(ee)-vwar" (sounds in parentheses are optional) But there are many informal variations, such as salut -- "sah-lew" -- probably the most common; also means "hi" bye-bye -- borrowed from English; pronunciation is me (MORE)

How do you say good bye in Hindi?

There are a few ways to say 'good bye' in Hindi: Pirmelenge Namasté Alavidha Poi carukiren Chalte hain [see you later] Phir milenge

How do you say good-bye in Arabic?

The most common way to say good-bye is: Ma3a salaama (مع سلامة) It is also relatively common for Arabs to repeat the "hello" greetings for departure, so: Salaam 3aleikum (سلام عليكم)

How do you say Bye Bye in Chinese?

Goodbye in Traditional Chinese is 再見. In Simplified Chinese it's 再见. This is pronounced "zai4jian4" in Hanyu Pinyin and "tzayjiann" in Gwoyeu Romatzyh. In recent years, the phrase "拜拜" has also become a common way of saying goodbye. It is pronounced "bai1bai1" in Hanyu (MORE)

How do you say good-bye in India?

India has MANY languages. You will have to tell us which one you want to know a word in before anyone answer your question.. Yes. Try to get specific. In the most largest language and capital language of India, which is Hindi, you say hello as "Namaste"

How do you say bye in Afghanistan?

Salaam, . I am not sure, but I think they say "Khuda Hafiz", which means "May God be your protector." It is a Persian phrase which is used in Iran, Tajikistan, Pakistan, some parts of India, and I believe in Afghanistan. Iran, Tajikistan and Afghanistan are three countries where Farsi (Persian) is (MORE)

How do you say 'bye' in Australian?

Australians say bye, goodbye, see you, cheers, cheerio, hooroo,catch you later and other words and phrases similar to thoseheard in other English-speaking countries.

How do you say good bye in Navajo?

depends on when you're saying goodbye. for when you're saying goodbye for a short time you say; Hágooshį́į́ (hago shi). for when you're saying goodbye for a long time you say; Hágoóne' (hago a na).

How do you say good-bye in Hindi?

Hindi is a language spoken by more than 258 million people, whichmakes it the fourth most spoken language in the world. As in everylanguage, it has variations in the expressions used ever yday.'Accha' means 'Good bye', a more polite expression would be 'AcchaNamaste', but if you want to say 'bye but (MORE)

Why do you say bye bye but not hi hi?

because it does not make sence and maybe some people would not know what it means and other people might think you are talking about them or speaking a different langue Actually, some people do say "hi hi." :)

How do American Indians say bye bye?

This question depends on what tribe, and which language you are using. This also depends on the relationship between you and the person saying it. What would work for one situation would not for another. For instance the Cherokee have 23 different dialects and at least 10 ways to say "Bye" in only o (MORE)

How do you say bye bye in German?

Bye Bye is tschüss , if you mean a friendly saying when parting ways. If you are holding a small child in your arms trying to make him wave and say bye-bye, it's sag winke-winke . If you mean bedtime, it's heia machen in German. ===== The expression tschüß is used mainly (b (MORE)

How do you say bye bye in Britain?

We say bye, goodbye, ta-ta, see ya, laters... rarely ever does anyone actually say "cheerio" even though it is stereotypically British. TTFN ta ta for now

How do you say bye in camoro?

There is no such place as "Camoro". Could you possibly mean "the Comoros". If so, it depends on which Comoros language you are referring to: . Arabic . Mwali . Ndzwani . Ngazidja . French . Malagasy

How do u say football in french?

If by football you mean the American version of football, then it's le football americain If by football you mean futbol (Soccer), then it's le football

How do you say bye in Jewish?

"Shalom" in Hebrew. (Jewish is not a language unless you are referring to Yiddish, which is another category on this site.)

How do you say good bye in Swiss?

There's actually no such language as Swiss. Switzerland has 4 official languages: German, French, Italian, and Romansh . Please specify which language you want to translate into.

How do you say good-bye in Cambodian?

There are many ways to say it in Khmer."Lear heouy" and "Choum reap lia" are commonly used."Lia suhn haoy" is also an alternative.An answer by a man is "Baat" and an answer by a woman is "Caah"See you later is "Juab khnia thngay kraoy"

Why why say good bye... goodbye?

like good have a nice day and bye as in bye! so really you are saying take care, have a nice day, see you soon, good luck, wish you the best, have fun, cant wait to see you again, ect. andd that is why GoodBye is GoodBye! youu are very welcome and have a nice dayy!! :) ( see my good bye message, t (MORE)

How do you say take care and bye in french?

" Au revoir, et prenez soin de vous " or " Au revoir, et faites attention à vous " when you address to someone you barely knew, you're not close with, or when you address several people. " Salut/Au revoir, et fais attention à toi " when you address a close friend, or someone you know quite (MORE)

How do you say bye in the United Kingdom?

There are many ways - it depends on personal choice. Some of the popular ones are... see you, good-bye, so long, farewell, bye bye, ta ta.. there are more I'm sure.

How do you say good bye in Tajikistan?

First off, you have to travel to Tajikistan, then you must use your lips, tongue and vocal cords to pronounce the words "good" and "bye" in that order. Once you have done that you have said "good bye" in Tajikistan. If you are wondering what a common salutation when parting ways in Tajikistan is, (MORE)

Who says bye to Katniss?

Here is a list of people who say goodbye to Katniss. The first list is the people from the book, the second is from the movie. Book: . Prim . Katniss's mother . Gale . Peeta's father . Madge Movie: . Prim . Katniss's mother . Gale

How do you say good bye in Malaysia?

Most Malaysians would understand Good Bye just fine. However if you like to say it local you can use the examples below. Also note that there are many dialects in Malaysia so below are some examples: Malay language: Selamat jalan (Safe journey) Said to the person going Selamat tinggal (Safe o (MORE)

How do you say 'bye in Ukrainian?

There are various ways of saying 'bye in Ukrainian. You could say "до побачення" (formal) , which means "good bye". It is pronounced "do pobuchenna", where the "u" is pronounced as in the word 'trust', the "nn" is doubled and soft, similar to the "n" sound in the (MORE)

How you say bye in Muslim?

Asalamu alaycum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh _____________________________________________ Just to add the above that Islam is a religion and not a language. Muslims are spread all over the world and they speak different languages per the countries of origin. However, some of them learn Arabic to pr (MORE)