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How do we interact with people who speak a language different from our own?

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Answer We treat them with suspicion. We consider then to be mentally inferior and congenitally deaf. Which is why we speak to them slowly, using small words, and loudly. To compensate for their apparent deafness we also gestuculate wildly, although we have never learned to sign.

Answer2: Often people are afraid of others who are different from them. But listen, everybody doesn't act stupid when they meet others who speak a foreign language. Just smile, smiles are universal and they cost nothing. People need to stop thinking that they are superior and others are inferior just because their language, customs, food etc. is different. The world is a melting pot and becoming more and more so. I am learning Italian, Spanish and Macedonian. Get on the ball and promote love, unity and peace by learning to say hello in a number of languages. Along with hello a smile and a simple handshake promotes goodwill and peace.
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