How can you masturbate for women?

Masturbating for women can be a very exciting and even Wet experience if you know what I mean. Some women even find masturbation better than sex, I mean only you know what YOU

What are good ways for women or girls to masturbate?

In order for women to have a successful and comfortable masturbation experience, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, it is helpful to fantasize about something you

Why do women masturbate?

I guess for the same reasons guys do. They like orgasms, and it relieves their stress. Maybe more reasons... They are in the midst of puberty. Their hormones are beginning to

Can women masturbate?

Yes, women and females of any age can masturbate. Please see "Related questions" below for more information.

How do you do women masturbation?

Well,there are a couple ways actually.If you're still too young to buy the dildos or vibrators,then use your fingers or something in that shape.Rub/message your clitoris to ma

Can women or girls use carrot for masturbation?

YES girls can use carrot for self masturbation, and also they can usenatural things like cucumber, a raddish, a raw banana according to their capacity. u can use some ediblw o

How do women masturbating?

Umm well there are many different way for women to madturbate... I guess just play around with your clit and your vagina and see what feels best for you
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How do you masturbate - women?

Rub your clitoris until and you can also feel your breasts during the procedure until you get to the climax and get an orgasm
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Do women masturbate?

Ofcourse! They are human you know, they rub their fingers against their vulva and have an orgasm. Or they finger themselves in the hole mostly girls have an orgasm. Go on re