How do yo say thank you in Yemen?

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In Yemen
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Where is Yemen?

Yemen is located in southwest Asia on the southern tip of theArabian Peninsula. Yemen is bordered by Saudi Arabia to the north,Oman to the east, the Red Sea to the west and the Indian Ocean tothe South. It's an Arabian neighborhood. It is adjacent to Syria.

How do you say thank you?

depends on the situation. a simple verbal "Thank you" is enough for social interaction. if someone did something very nice you could send them a card, a gift, money. just to say thank you for whatever they did.

How do you say thanks?

~Say thanks or thank you in person or by phone ~Get flowers or chocolates for the person you're thanking ~Write a letter, email or SMS to thank the person ~Describe what you appreciate about what the person did ~Do something nice for the person in return ~Give money ~Be warm and welcoming and sincer (MORE)

Why do you have to say thank you?

If someone does something nice for you or helped you in any way then you should acknowledge with a 'thank you' for the time they took to help you out. It's a matter of respect and good etiquette.

Why do we say thank you?

it depends upon the circumstances. We say thank you because we aregrateful for the person we have addressed our thank you. Thank youfor your question!

When do you say thank you?

You should say thank you any time someone does something nicefor you, or any time you want to express appreciation forsomething.

How do yo say Sanofi?

Sa no fi. Sa , short a sound, like bath, no like no, and fi like fee. Yes, but which syllable has the emphasis?

How do yo say father in Hindi?

In Hindi we say PAPA .... pronounced as PAAPAA or simply DADDY OR DAD. One can say "PITAA JI" also.... but that is very traditional... Just a side note: Ji denotes respect and it's in best interest to use it as in "papa- ji" It should definitely be used, but not necessarily every time someone addre (MORE)

How do yo say hello in Japanese?

"Moshi Moshi" people use it when saying hello in the phone. "Ohayo (goziamasu)" Used in the morning, you can add gozaimasu for formality. "Konnichiwa" is a more formal way of saying hello. You can use it any time of the day though, it's not the type to use with your friends. "Konbanwa" Used (MORE)

Why do people say yo mama?

It is just an insult. Some theorize it came from slave trading. Imagine this. Everyone is chained together in cages on ships. It is tight, uncomfortable, and smelly. Everyone is sleepy and hungry. They have no sense of power nor control. To make matters worse, most don't even speak the same language (MORE)

How do yo say I want you in Spanish?

Answer 'le deseo' is 'I want you'... Answer "te deseo" is a more informal way of saying it (if you aren't talking to an authority figure!) Answer "te quiero" Pronounced Tay kee-air-o (Extracted from

How do yo say Science in Spanish?

"Science" in Spanish is "ciencia". It is pronounced "see-EN-see-ah". Please see the Related link below for confirmation of the translation.

How yo say have in french?

Avoir is the infinitive . BUT! it is conjugated as... . j'ai: I have . tu as: You have . il/elle/on a: He/she/one has . nous avons: We have . vous avez: You have . ils/elles ont: They have

How do yo say them in Russian?

When you're trying to say "them" in Russian, you have to be mindful of the six declinations that exist in the Russian grammar. They, to them, with them, without them, by them are all different words. Assuming you want to know how to say "them" in a phrase such as "Us and them", you say oni. It so (MORE)

How do you say thank you in castellano?

Hello everybody, my name = Carmelo Micali, Spanish - Castillian i mean Castellano, by the way - to say Thank You, you just say 'gracias'. Have a nice time.

How do you say thank you in Quechua?

Quechua varies a lot across dialects, and there are a few different ways to say "thank you" in different situations. Here are two ways to say "thank you" in the Cuzco dialect of Peru: Añaychayki (ah-nyai-chai-kee) Sulpayki (sool-pai-kee) The "ki" at the end of the words means "you," so you (MORE)

How do you say 'great thanks' in mandarin?

"Great thanks" in Traditional Chinese is 感謝. In Simplified Chinese it's written 感谢. In Hanyu Pinyin, it's pronounced "gan3xie4." In Gwoyeu Romatzyh it's pronounced "gaanshieh."

Why do parents never say thank you?

The lack of thanks is probably because they do not make the effort to . Most of the time, parents come to expect people to do things without proper thanks. A lot of this is due to either upbringing or perhaps at work, where most things are done without thank yous. Many parents see things as dutie (MORE)

Can you use yo soy and say you have?

No. Yo soy means "I am" You have is "Tienes" The only time I could see this coming into effect is when you are talking about hair color you can say "Soy pelerojo" to mean "I have red hair"

How do you say thanks for the like in Japanese?

I'm not sure i understand " thanks for the like". are you sure you can say that in English? thanks for the = arigato gozaimasu thanks for the ride = nosette kurette arigato gozaimasu -- If your are talking about Facebook "Like" button, its translation is "いいね!". That (MORE)

Do you say thanks alot or thanks a lot?

Personally, I would go for number 2: Thanks a lot. The reason is that the indefinite article 'a' cannot be attached to a preceding or following word or phrase, (i.e. independent.) Hope it helped!

How do yo say beauitful in Japanese?

Kirei is the most common way, and utsukushii is more polite. Kirei (Keerehh) = きれい Utsukushii (Ootskooshee) = 美しい  うつくしい

How do yo say sneaky in Japanese?

狡い /zu rui/ , 悪賢い /wa ru ga shi koi/ and 狡猾な /kou ka tsu na/ would be good words for 'sneaky, sly, dishonest' as a modifier. Doing something/moving around sneakily would be こそこそして /ko so ko so shi te/.

How yo say words in Brazilian?

words = palavras. some brazilian portuguese words = mouse=RATO / cat=GATO / horse=CAVALO andar = TO WALK / comer = TO EAT / house=CASA / home=RESIDÊNCIA, LAR soccer=FUTEBOL .........

How do yo say people in Japanese?

人民 /jin min/ means 'people'. Another related word, 人人 /hi to bi to/ means 'each and every person, people, everyone, etc'.

How do you say gustar in yo form?

It is "yo gusto". This verb is more commonly used in the reflexive "gustarse", in which case the verb form refers to the object. Examples: "Yo gusto las chicas" and "Me gustan las chicas" mean the same thing: "I like girls".

How do yo say the word to in spanish?

If you mean direction, e.g. 'to London', 'a'; so 'a londres' = 'to London' If you mean the first half of an infinitive, e.g. 'to travel', 'to eat', 'to live', 'to' is communicated by various infinitive endings. For the verbs in question, these are: viajAR = to travel comER = to eat vivIR = (MORE)

How do yo say cow in Malayalam?

Pasu or Pashoo are two translations of cow into Malayalam I'vefound. The other words in the list are written in an alphabet thatis incomprehensible to me.