How do you Remove the radio from a Subaru Forester?

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I successfully replaced the factory radio/cassette unit in my 1998 Forester S using a Philips screwdriver and a 1" putty knife.
The radio buttons didn't always work and the display didn't display characters. The overhead clock also stopped displaying correctly but I didn't bother replacing it since a working radio would have a clock.

Don't bother with using a DIN radio removal tool (the U shaped wires that supposedly release DIN radios from their sleeve). The Forester radio is screwed to its sleeve with 2 screws on each side.

1-open the armrest and you'll see 2 round plastic caps. Insert the putty knife under the caps to pop them off to reveal the Phillips screws and remove the screws.
2-insert the putty knife into the cracks around the armrest trim to pry and release the trim
3-insert the putty knife into the cracks around the trim around the gearshift lever to pry and release its trim
4-insert the ignition key and turn it to the position that allows you to move the gearshift lever out of park. Rotate and move the trim away from the radio area. Return the gearshift back to park and remove the key.
5-insert the putty knife in the crack between the radio trim and the dashboard. Gently pry the trim off the dashboard. Go all around the radio and the storage box under it.
6-You should be able to pull the trim away from the radio. You'll have to wiggle the trim due to the ashtray and the cigarette lighter.
7-remove the 4 screws that mount the radio to the dash frame
8-pull the radio and the storage box and their frame out slightly and disconnect the antenna, wiring connector and ground.

Good luck.
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