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How do you Trim a traveler palm?

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The first step in pruning a travelers palm is to trim off any brown leaves or suckers. Next, any outer leaves can be pruned to keep it from spreading.
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How do you trim a sago palm?

Trim the Sago palm by cutting back brown or yellow palm fronds  close to the truck. This should be done annually in the fall.

How does the travelers palm hold water?

It holds water in its hollow leaf bases. It is said that if a  traveler stood in front of one and made a wish then it would  definitely come true! Pretty cool right!

Do you trim a bottle palm trunk?

Yes, trim the trunk. Just finished mine. What a pain! Here's a good how-to video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXneV4Mo-3k
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How do you trim it?

How to trim a bushes or weeds? Well first, you are going to use a trimmer (which is like a huge pair of scissors.) Then you will slowly cut where you want the cut to end. Just

How do you trim down a palm tree height?

In 99% of cases you cannot trim the height of a palm tree withoutkilling it. Palms are moncotyledonous, this means they have onegrowth point or apical bud; this is located in