How do you abbreviate rabbi?

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In English, I have seen Rav. as an abbreviation, but it is not common. Most often Rabbi is used in full.

In Hebrew, there is R. ('ר) which is the abbreviation for Rabbi.

What is a rabbi?

A rabbi is a Jewish religious leader and teacher. If a Jewishperson has a religious question, they usually go to a rabbi. Rabbisalso give spiritual advice. They are not appoin

Who are rabbis?

A rabbi by Hebrew definition is a teacher. But really, it's more reffered to someone who teaches Judaism. I should know, I'm Jewish!

What does a rabbi wear?

There is no specific clothings a rabbi is required to wear.Generally, he will have modest, dignified clothing, and a kippah(and/or a hat) on his head.

What is the abbreviation for Rabbi?

If Rabbi is used as an honorific (like Mr. or Dr.) in an context where it would be obvious that such a person is a rabbi, such as a transcript of the Talmud, Rabbi can be abbr

Is rabbi Michael Laitman a rabbi?

Michael Laitman is a con artist in the great never ending sea of religious cults. Stay strong and free by staying away from this rubbish.

Why is a rabbi a rabbi?

Rabbi means "teacher", but rabbis are also clergy people who can do other things: 1. Write books 2. Kosher food supervision 3. Religious counseling 4. Religious school pri

Why can not you be a rabbi?

The question is very ambiguous ... we don't know who is being addressed. Any Jew who is capable of satisfactorily completing the course of studies, and demonstrating to a
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When can't you be a rabbi?

The question is very ambiguous ... we are left to try and figure out just what the questioner hopes to learn, before we attempt an answer. Here are some characteristics t
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Why are there rabbis?

Rabbi is Hebrew for teacher, and they're also clergy people. Rabbisdo many things: 1. Write Jewish books 2. Supervise kosher food preparation 3. Chaplains in the military 4. P