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How do you add music to your ipod touch?

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the only way is to put the music in your itunes, and then connect your ipod touch to your itunes and sync it.

u may also go on the itunes app in ur itouch and buy the song from there
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How do you add songs to your iPod touch?

You have to have iTunes.... When you got the iPod it shouldve come with an itunes app already in it..... look up the song you want then click buy song... just make sure you ha

How do you add pictures to your iPod touch?

You have to make a folder first with all the photos that you would like to add to your ipod, then you have to connect the ipod to the computer (with your itunes open). When yo

Can you add memory to an iPod touch?

Well i don't think you can, but here's something you can do. When you buy movies, games songs, etc. You can sync them on to your itunes account, then delete them off your ipod

How do you add apps to your iPod touch?

Go somewhere with Wifi (it can be as simple as being in your house if you have wifi) and there will be an icon on your home screen. It's usually the first icon (unless you mov

How do you add camera on iPod touch?

There are rumors about a 3rd generation ipod touch with a camera. However, I would just recommend camera if you really need one!!

How do you add pictures on iPod Touch?

Save photos from the web, email by holding down on the picture and clicking save image. Some apps may also allow you to save photos. Sync photos from your computer in iTunes

Can you add a camera to the iPod Touch?

No, you cannot add a camera to the iPod Touch, be it an external or internal camera. The iPod Touch does not have the capabilities to do so yet.
In iTunes

Can you add music to a disabled ipod touch?

No,i don't think it's possible to add music to a broken I pod touch. But i think it depends on the amount of damage the I pod took, if the I pod took four pounds of damage, it

Can you add wifi to your ipod touch?

iPod Touch can connect to internet through Wi-Fi, the only thing it needs is a Wi-Fi signal. To turn Wi-Fi on go to Settings> Wi-Fi> Wi-Fi On (click on the Off yo turn it into