How do you answer 'Describe your work ethic' in a job interview?

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Describing Work Ethics in an Interview
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  • My experience with the phrase is that it describes one's level of commitment to a task/employer/course of study. Ability to go the extra mile, stay the course, persistence to achieve quality, finding resources when stuck, own the problems that arise, etc. Punctuality and showing up fall in there, too.
  • I try to learn the mission statement and vision of the organization that I am working for before I commit my time, my passion, and my energy to it. If I believe in the mission/vision statements and I am reasonably sure that the supervisors abide by most of it, I will give my time, my extra hours, and my positive attitude to the agency. I need to be able to transmit that mission even on the worst days and to remember that you must balance your love for work with your love for health and take time to reflect, relax, and play.
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How do you answer 'Describe an ideal working environment' in a job interview?

I think the modern workplace is so varied it's important to becapable of productivity in a diverse range of environments. I excelin an environment that has good communication and great teamwork,so therefore, that to me, would be the ideal working environment.The ideal job consists of a workplace whe (MORE)

How do you answer 'How would classmates describe you' in a job interview?

"I think my classmates would describe me as..." Then put what you think other peoples opinions of you are. Always use positive answers. If you are unsure of what people think of you, ask a few friends for a few words to describe you and go from there. Don't use one word descriptions. If someone says (MORE)

How do you answer 'What are three words that describe you' in a job interview?

In such a situation you can use positive words that bring about your most positive characteristics. The words that you can use are: "Hardworking, loyal, quick learner, well adjust to changes, efficient team player, multi tasking, self-motivated and self confident + Flexible, Punctual, Team playe (MORE)

How do you answer 'Describe an ethical dilemma you have faced' in a job interview?

You are a guest in a foreign country, upon your arival you are greeted by the King. He tells you, amoungst other things about his recent capturing of a gang of theives (10 in total) and lines them up in front of you. He explains how due to there crimes against the state they are to be shot a first l (MORE)

How do you answer 'Describe a challenge you encountered at work and how you solved it' in a job interview?

Answer . this question is just to see if you can handle things on your own if your supervisor happens to be too busy to assist you you can make up a story like you needed to print copies and the company was out of paper so you offered to go to Kinko's it doesn't have to be any thing extravagant y (MORE)

How do you answer 'Why do you want to work here' in a job interview?

You have to ask, and answer, this question yourself, prior to the interview. Investigate the company, remember what you like about the company (its products/services, positive things it has done for the community/society, where the company is headed in the future, if it's an established company (for (MORE)

How do you answer 'Describe your business acumen' in a job interview?

Describe a successful business & why it is successful . Describe a failing business & why it is not successful . Talk about how you keep current on your competitiors' products or services . Demonstrate how you are aware of current business trends & describe how they affect your job or com (MORE)

How do you answer 'Describe your personal qualities' in a job interview?

They are asking what qualities you have that will make you a good choice for the job. They want to know if you are a good match for the job. If you truly can't come up with any qualities that suit what they are looking for, you're probably applying for the wrong job. Are you applying for a job in a (MORE)

How do you answer 'Describe your ideal job' in a job interview?

While this question may seem inconsequential at the time of theinterview, this one can actually keep you apart from others whoshare the same educational qualifications or even have the sameexperience. If asked about your ideal job, you should ensure the interviewerthat you wish to have a job that g (MORE)

How do you describe your accomplishments in a job interview?

It doesn't hurt to tie your past accomplishments to the needs of the prospective employer, and that takes a little research on the company with which you're interviewing. For instance, if you're interviewing for a deadline-driven, largely independent working position, highlight accomplishments by wh (MORE)

How do you answer 'Describe the ideal company for you' in a job interview?

The ideal company for me is where I can express my opinion and they will listen. The Company that can give me a good salary of course I would not be honest if I will not tell this. Where I can increase my knowledge with the field I am with. Lastly the company that I would feel comfortable to work an (MORE)

How do you answer 'Why do you want to work in the US' in a job interview?

Answer . Be honest. WHY ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A JOB IN THE U.S.? Here's some good reasons:\n. \nThere are more opportunities in the U.S. for the type of work you want.\nThere is a better chance of advancement in your job.\nThe job pays more money than anywhere else.\nYou like that particular St (MORE)

How do you answer 'How would your peers describe you' in a job interview?

Coworkers Describe You That's always a tough questioin. First, be honest. Second, you'll always want to mention a weakness and tell how you are working to turn it into a strength. Here is an example: My coworkers describe me as someone easy to get along with - a team player - someone who always giv (MORE)

How do you answer 'Define team work' in a job interview?

Team Work . Just like that. How do you define teamwork? Do you work well with others? Do you prefer to work alone? Could you lead a project? Are you dependable? The company is trying to find out how cooperative you are as an employee.

Describe your work ethic?

A person should have a good work ethic if they want to have asuccessful career. They should come to work on time and come with apositive attitude.

How do you answer 'Briefly describe your ideal job' in a job interview?

Be as brief as possible in your response. Be as truthful as you can about what tasks you are good at (your talents) and those which you believe the employer/company needs to have in a specific job, i.e., problem solving, or handling details, or dealing with difficult customers, or working behind the (MORE)

How do you answer 'do you work well with teams' in a job interview?

Answer . The only time to answer no to that question would be if you're going to be working at a job that requires you to be a bad team member. So, Answer yes unless you really have trouble in teams. The team they refer to is the work force that they already have or will have when they higher y (MORE)

How do you describe your work ethic in a resume?

Work ethic in a resume can be described as experiences that one has encountered. Conflict resolution is a plus on resumes. One can also use references and letters of recommendation to describe someones work ethic.

How do you describe a challenging activity in job interviews?

This job interview question is trying to determine two things - what your definition of a challenging activity is and how you approach challenges and problems. Think of specific problems or challenges that tested your skills and abilities and had positive outcomes. Emphasize how you analyzed the sit (MORE)

How do you describe your career expectations in a job interview?

Just state what your career expectations are. If you want to advance with the company, state that. If you want to get more education and branch into a new area within the company, state that, etc. You would not; however, want to state anything that would give the interviewer the impression that you (MORE)

How do you answer 'describe yourself' in a nurse job interview?

You should focus on your characteristics that apply to a nursing job. Things like caring, calm under stress, etc. You could translate other characteristics as they might apply to the job. For example, if you are athletic, you could say that you are energetic and have good stamina. Think about everyt (MORE)

How do you answer 'Describe your 'achievement' in a job interview?

In this article talking about what an interviewer is really asking ( it highlights that in almost all cases they want to be able to understand you better to be able to project what your impact on their company would be. Think about the int (MORE)

How do you answer 'Describe worst job environment' in a job interview?

A good way to answer this question is to state that youve worked in different types of situations before and have found positive qualities in every one. Let them know that you are more apt to look for positive rather than negative qualities in all situations than give them examples, for instance...i (MORE)

Why do you want to work for our hospital at a job interview?

If it's for a job that involves being a member of the healthcare profession e.g. nurse, physiotherapist, radiographer etc. make sure that you look up the Trusts care and service quality ratings prior to the interview. These can be found on the CQC ratings website and Dr Foster reports. If they are p (MORE)

How do you answer describe your accomplishments in a job interview?

For a financial position, I would indicate that I saved my employer (or previous employer) $XXX,XXX better developing better procedures in A/R (accounts receivable), which is especially significant in this economic environment and are the cost side elimated a duplication of effort, and expense, in t (MORE)

What is your work ethic in an interview question?

Its not uncommon to ask a general question about "what is your work ethic", but I'm not sure how that would be asked how its in an interview. the interviewer is trying to learn more about you, your style, personality, level of responsibility etc. Try and give a specific example of how you had (MORE)

How do you answer describe being flexible in a job interview?

As a recruiter, I would consider an applicant flexible if they are versatile, adaptable, and have open availability. To have the ability to work any task, position, schedule or environment assigned to them. With the proper training of course.

Describe briefly work ethics with examples?

A lawyer took his young son to the office for a job shadow day. The boy sat in a chair and watched his dad conclude some business with a client. The client asked how much he owed and the lawyer replied that it was two hundred dollars. The client pulled out his wallet and peeled off two fresh one hu (MORE)

How do you answer 'you describe yourself' in a job interview?

This can be a tricky question if you don't think through your answer beforehand. It is however a great opportunity to sell your strengths for the job to the interviewer. What were they looking for in the advert? This is where you can highlight why you are the right person. So for example - I'm go (MORE)