How do you answer 'What are your goals' in a job interview?

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Examples of how to answer "What are your goals" are:

My goal is to get into a good organization where i can utilize my skills for the growth of the company.
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How do you answer 'What about this job attracts you' in a job interview?

Start out by jotting down the needs and requirements that the employer has specified. For example, if a job requirement was 'requires resolving customer problems, and answering the phone" you could say, "Since I am a people person and love to help others, I am attracted to the level in which I will (MORE)

How do you answer 'What are your short-term and long-term career goals' in a job interview?

Be truthful but positive, if your goal is to keep the job and be stable say: To be a good employee with a stable long term employment. If you wish to be promoted: To excel and gain promotion through hard work. Change and paraphrase to suit your situation. A long term goal in one's career would b (MORE)

How do you answer 'What are your long term career goals' in a job interview?

I have some short term and long term career goals in my life.In short term goals, I want to get a challenging and inovative jobin the international market according to my idea and my skills,which helps me to learn and to grow professionally. In long termgoals, I want to improve my knwoledge and prof (MORE)

What is a job interview?

Answer . A job interview is a question-and-answer exchange between an employers and a potential employee. Employers use interviews to evaluate candidates for positions.. to know weather they a good enough for the job

How do you answer 'What are your career goals' in a job interview?

It is one important question that often baffles one and also determines whether you'd continue as a job seeker or get the job. What are your goals? This is something you must answer for yourself before you go for a job interview. The main purpose of asking this question is "what do you think rega (MORE)

How do you answer 'What are your long range and short range goals and objectives' in a job interview?

In a job interview the best thing to tell them as a short range goal would be self-confidence gained from a job experience (that could also be a long range goal if you are on the really really low end of that). Long range would be to earn enough money from a job to support college funds or helping (MORE)

How do you answer 'What can you bring to this job' in a job interview?

The employer is giving you your best chance to sell yourself here. Demonstrate how you benefit the company on a business, financial and personal level. In other words, how you you will be a good return on investment for the company, and how you will be someone they want to see every day? Example f (MORE)

How should you answer 'How do you plan to achieve your goals' in a job interview?

Achieving Your Goals . First, think of where you would like to be two or three years from now. What steps will it take to get there? Then you can continue on to the next so many years and so on. Think out of the box! What would you like to do if you could do anything? Learn about yourself first, (MORE)

How do you answer 'Why are you attracted to this job' in a job interview?

you have to like the job to be able to go into the interview room to hear what has to be said and if you do not like the job then you wont get verry far in the job if u just want the job for money even tho yuhh dont actually like it u have to do the job properly and not do half a job make sure u tel (MORE)

How do you answer 'What are your short term and long term goals' in a job interview?

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How do you answer 'What are your non-career related goals' in a job interview?

Interviewers like to see that potential employees have mature goals in mind. Saying something like, "I hope to complete the highest level on SOCOM IV" won't get you very far. Things like, obtaining a degree (if you don't already have one), buying a home or starting a family (depending on your age) a (MORE)

How do you answer 'How does this job fit into your career goals' in a job interview?

What do they want to hear when asking "'How does this job fit into your career goals?" question in an interview? For employers, it is vital to ensure the hiring of employees who have the potential for further personal growth and are the best contributors . Therefore, they are looking for those (MORE)

How do you answer 'what do you look for in a job' in a job interview?

Employers love enthusiasm so say that because you're highlymotivated, you're looking for a challenge. Also, saying you'relooking for a job with good progress for career progression anddevelopment will show your employer that you're going to stickaround. Example answers: . Good experience . To r (MORE)

How do you interview for a job?

Here are some quick tips to prepare for an interview: Plan to arrive on time or a few minutes early. Late arrival for ajob interview is never excusable. Greet the interviewer by their first name. Wait until you are offered a chair before sitting. Sit upright andalways look alert and interested. B (MORE)

How do you answer 'Why do you want this job' in a job interview?

The employer is looking for some very specific information about how committed you are to the job - they are trying to ascertain if you are serious about it. Your answers should include two compelling aspects: 1. your deepest values and beliefs and how they align with the position in question (MORE)

How do you answer this question in a job interview - 'Why are you prepared for this position and how does it fit into your career goals'?

Since you anticipate this question you should do your homework before an interview and prepare an answer. . You will have to know the following: . your goals . your skills (training and experience) . your strengths/weaknesses . your interpretation of what the job you are trying for requires . (MORE)

How do you get a job interview?

You must first fill out a job application. Once that has been done and submitted, wait a couple days and ring them up asking if they have any questions about my application. This shows great interest on your part about wanting the job. The interview will occur when they call you in to gain more info (MORE)

How do you answer what are your short term goals in a job interview?

Hopefully you have looked at the job requirements before hand. Then, you can think up some goals that would include learning and using the skills needed. If you want to develop skills in teamwork, for instance, you would state what you are good at now and what parts you think this job will enhance.

How to get a job interview?

You need to show them that you're efficient. To do this, you need to submit the requirements on time. Get software programs such as JobPad to make things easier for you.

Do you have to a job notice if you have a job interview?

Most companies will give you a call or send you a message. Sometimes, they even elaborate on what you need to bring. To get your stuff organized, get software programs such as JobPad so that you won't lose all your important documents.

How do you answer ' why there is gap in your job' in a job interview?

I feel that it is none of the employer's business WHY you were off. They just want some way to eliminate you. Anyone who asks this question is obviously an inexperienced person who probably is still working at the same company from high shcool (or lack of it). The skills answer is good, but you ca (MORE)

What do you do after a job interview?

At the end of a job interview, you should always ask "When will you make a decision?" Write a thank-you note right after the interview - it will show courtesy and speak loudly.

How did you get your job interview?

You really need to impress the interviewer. One way to do this is to have the documents submitted on time. You can get software programs such as JobPad to help you with this. ==== Every once in a while something happens and our lives are shaken up. Sometimes we shake them up deliberately and som (MORE)

'How do you answer 'What can you bring to this job' in a job interview?

When answering that question think carefully and dont rush. Employers are highly interested in this answer because they are looking to build a money making machine and you are a potential piece to that puzzle. Answer to your attributes and personal strengths. Hard work, dedication, persistence and p (MORE)

Job interview what you can do?

Depending on your age there is no limit to the job interviews you can do. Typically you want to consider you skill set(i.e your education level, various experience, age etc) and find a job that best suits your level and interest. Fast food allows for almost anyone to interview while a high ranking i (MORE)

Who interviews you in a job interview?

Job interviews usually start with the head of the HR Dept. Then, you also get an interview with the head of the department you're applying for. Just make sure you have all the documents ready. You may want to check out sites such as JobPad for the help you need. ==== One of the questions that is (MORE)

What do you have to do for a job interview?

You don't have to do anything but talk in a job interview. First, you'll schedule a time and a place to meet. Then, you'll come (early) and prepared to answer questions regarding your past professional experience, skills, and accomplishments. You'll want to dress nicely and bring your resume! Att (MORE)

How can you answer 'What is your dream job in a job interview?

"I love to connect people with the meaning and significance of news in ways that others in the newsroom can't. Through my designs, I like to create 'a-ha' moments for my audience. I first realized this was important to me when …" And then give an example. Great answers to funnel questions often (MORE)

Why job interviews are important for a job?

They are impotant for the employer or the company to be able toknow if the employee or the applicant is suitable for the part orthe job. It is a means of evaluating the new employee and testingthe waters if he or she is the right hire.

What is a professional interview and a job interview?

The only thing I can think of is a professional interview requires dressing up in slacks, button down shirt, tie, and a suit if you have one. A regular job interview can be done in jeans a decent shirt. But really, for any job, unless they specifically tell you how to dress, I would definitely (MORE)

What is an interview for a job?

An interview is a conversation between you and the company - to ascertain whether you meet the requirements to fulfil the role productively. It's a 'first step' to enable you, and the company to get to know each other.

How do you answer 'Who are you' in a job interview?

This is a little tricky question. Since your basci personalinformation is already in the resume you should describe you not ina resume fashion but rather in a more personal way like how are youwith others, how do you think others perceive you, how are you atwork. Things like that.

What is job interview?

Basically, a Job interview is a face to face or through phone orInternet talking or question and answer conversation between anemployer and a future or possible new hire or new employee.