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How do you answer why do you want to shift your career from Information Technology field to Marketing?

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The best way to answer this question in an interview is to explain any positive influence that made you decide to change your field. This may be work experience or exposure to professionals in your field of interest.
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Which is more marketable career a degree in information technology or a degree in computer science?

  Answer   Software development ranks higher than IT (information technology) personnel, but both are among the most needed jobs on the job market.  A masters degre

How does information technology help in marketing?

IntroductionIf recent assertions are to be believed, the pace of implementation of Information Technology (IT) within organizations would appear to be relentless and its scope

Why do you want to work in the information technology field?

  I want to work in the information technology field for the following reasons: 1 - Secure field of work 2- good starting salary 3 - numerous job titles/positions wi

How do you get a career in information technology?

Review your current skills. List your fields of knowledge. Your can enter IT from just about any age and skill level. Self study, use Vendor training, community training, st

How do you start career in Information technology?

There are lots of way by which you can easily start your career in information technology. you can do some certification related to Information technology or you can go for Di

If you have done Bachelor of Information technology bsc.I.T but want to make career in mechanical field?

Many individuals make changes in their career path. If you wish to change your direction, that is fine. You will have to meet the entrance requirements of your intended progra

The role of information technology in marketing?

The role of information technology is huge in marketing. For  example, companies can market their products through text, email,  and Facebook instead of simply mailing flyer

What are the career option in information technology?

Information Technology is a large genre, with any large grouping there are areas of no growth and areas of high growth. You will have to be more specific within the area of IT