How do you ask Do you like French toast in French?

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Aimez-vous le pain perdu?
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Do you like french toast?

Many people like French toast, which is bread dipped in egg and milk (and other ingredients) then fried in a pan. French toast is available pre-cooked in various forms for the

How to ask your crush if he likes you in french?

a good sight for translations. can be found if u search "babelfish online translator" into google, select the first option, this translator sound spoetic when translated.. h

How do yo ask what do you like in french?

"Qu'aimer vous?" is a direct translation of "what do you like" whereas if you were trying to tell someone what you liked it would be "J'aime [...]" is a translation of "I like

What does french toast taste like?

Well, the french toast tastes egg-like and rather sweet (especially if you add confectioners sugar). Cinnamon is also quite a good topping.

Does Barack Obama like french toast?

I can't answer this question, because I don't know the answer to it. You would have to ask him yourself in person or maybe write the Whitehouse a letter. He might answer it! Y