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Aimez-vous le pain perdu?
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Do you like french toast?

Many people like French toast, which is bread dipped in egg and milk (and other ingredients) then fried in a pan. French toast is available pre-cooked in various forms for the

Is French toast really French?

No, it was invented in Belgium. And there were dishes similar to itin ancient times. Since the French buy their bread fresh daily,they do have "pain perdu" or French toast to

Did the French invent French toast?

To be honest, no one really knows, some say it is from America, others say England and Spain. but ive been researching it and it seems that french toast it actually from Spain

Did the French invented French toast?

Yes, the French did invent French toast they also invented French Fries. Ans. 2 The French might well have invented French Fries had not the Belgians beaten them to it. It is

Is French toast - French?

french toast is not typically french .but the french bread called banquette was often served in such a manner.soon many people followed this recipe with all other popular brea

What does french toast taste like?

Well, the french toast tastes egg-like and rather sweet (especially if you add confectioners sugar). Cinnamon is also quite a good topping.

Does Barack Obama like french toast?

I can't answer this question, because I don't know the answer to it. You would have to ask him yourself in person or maybe write the Whitehouse a letter. He might answer it! Y