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There is a box at the top of every page. It says, "Ask us anything".

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You need to type in the question on the top and if nobody has asked the question, then you have the option to ask it.
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Since you managed to submit this one, you apparently figured it out.

However, for the benefit of other readers: type your question in the "Ask us anything" box at the top of the screen and click the "Go" button.
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1) At the top of the page, you will see in our header that there is a long text box with the words "Ask us anything" in it. Simply type your question in that box and press the "Go" button.

Tips for asking questions
  • Make sure the text you enter is in a question format.
    • "What colour are bees" is a good question example
    • "Colour of bees" is a bad question example
  • Make sure your question is legal and not offensive.
    • Asking us how to bully someone, for example, will not be tolerated
  • Make sure the question contains enough information to be answered accurately.
    • "When did the American Civil War end?" is a good question
    • "When did the civil war end?" is a bad question (there have been lots of civil wars)


2) When you have pressed the "Go" button, you will either be sent to an already-answered question if it already exists on the website.
If it does not exist, you will see a list of similar questions. if you do not see a question in the list that is relevant to the one you asked, simply click "Submit" to send the question to us.


3) You will now be asked to categorise your question. Categorising the question in the correct or closest category will ensure that the question gets answered quicker, as our experts tend to stick to their expert categories rather than wandering around the site checking out other categories.


4) Sometimes, not always, after selecting the category you will be offered to forward the question to a brand. For example, if you asked a question about Ford cars, you might be offered the option to forward your question to Ford Motor Company or an expert in Ford who have a representative on Answers.
You can skip this step by clicking elsewhere on the page to bypass the brand selection box.


There is also an unofficial video tutorial available to help you ask questions on

(Click the "full screen" option on the bottom-right of the video to see it clearer, as videos do appear rather small on

If you need assistance, feel free to:

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Considering that this is a question and you have asked it, I come to the conclusion, after hours of grueling thinking/pondering, that you know how to ask a question on this site. Well, if you don't, ask a question by typing it into the "Ask" tab at the top of the page. If the question in already answered, it will appear. If it has not yet been asked or answered, a user or guest will answer it whenever they can.
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How to Ask a Question on | WikiAnswers
  1. Type your question in the white bar found at the top of the screen and click on "Go." (Make sure your question starts with a question word like What, when, why, how, etc. or the site will think you are just trying to do a search.)
  2. You may be shown some similar questions and asked if any of them are the same question, but in different words. If one of them matches, click the question.
  3. Fix any misspellings you may have.
  4. Click Submit Question.
  5. If your question is already answered, you will be taken to an existing question.
  6. If your question is new, you will be asked to select a category. Try to find the most specific Category for your question. For example, if it is a car question, instead of putting it in Cars and Vehicles, put in the sub-category for a specific kind of car. After categorizing, make sure to save the categories.
  7. Now, sit back and wait for your question to be answered.

More comments from contributors:
  • If you have added the question to your Watchlist, you should get a notice when it is answered via e-mail. Otherwise, copy the url or make a bookmark so you can come back and check.

  • Only apostrophes and periods work as punctuation. Commas do not.

  • Keep in mind that some questions are harder to answer than others but with the users from all over the world, you will get an answer - hopefully sooner than later.

You were successful with this one
You have just asked a question - it's THAT easy !
Simply type in your question and click the GO button.
you have to log in then click answer or ask question
Do the same thing you just did.
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