How do you ask in French language what about the children?

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Et les enfants?
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How do you aske how are you in French?

In French, to ask 'how are you?' , you say: ça VA? To answer, you can say: ça VA bien! Meaning 'I'm good!' Then you say: Et toi? ça VA?

How would you ask children to be quiet in French?

"Ferme la bouche"- Close the mouth/ Shut up. Est-ce que vous pouvez faire un peu moins de bruit? Un peu de silence s'il vous plaît. Allez les enfants! Du calme s'il vous

How do you ask and how are you in french?

"Et comment ca va?" (Eh komm-on-saw-vaw) or, more formally, "Et comment allez-vous?" (Eh comm-on tahl-ay-voo) (The 'tahl' rhymes with the "Val" in valley. The first way