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Think about what type of vampire you want to attract. Most people want to attract blood-drinking vampires, so I'll say the best way to do that is to go somewhere where vampires would spend their time, and cut yourself. I'm not saying that you have to be emo and scar yourself for life, because that is a serious mental condition and needs phsycology immediately. I'm just saying make a veeerryy small cut. Chances are, the vampire will smell it, because vampires have hightened senses and can smell blood from long distances away. Remember, some very normal-looking people could be vampires, so keep your eyes open!
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What is a vampire?

A vampire is a blood thirsty creature, with usually great speed and strength. They have pale white skin, and different color eyes than humans. Ahhhhhhhh. Lol Like Edward Cu

Why are you a vampire?

You are a vampire because you have vampire blood and have either 1) been turned (like me) or 2) been born one because someone in your family is one.

Why are people attracted to vampires?

Some people like mysterious people or because some people trade in there blood to have sex with vampires because they r so romantic and do sex good

How do you attract vampires?

There are no real vampiers in the world- but in movies, YOU attract the vampire ( especially fresh blood )

What can vampires do that you can not?

Assuming vampires exist and have 'powers' as described in most legends, there are a couple differences between humans and vampires. Vampires are commonly told to have extremel

What is a vampirer?

an undead creature who sucks blood (useually human blood).

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How do you get to be a vampire?

You can't. Vampires do not exist. Some deluded individuals pretend to be vampires, but pretending is fantasy, and fantasy is not real.

What can vampired do?

they can bite people, not always killing them  though, they cannot touch anything holy or else  they will turn to dust as they will if they come in contact with  sunlight.

What attracts vampires to their victims?

Keep in mind that not all vampires of myth drink or are attracted to blood (e.g. Chinese vampires drain spinal fluid). However, in myths, folklore, tales, and novels alike, bl

Why are guys attracted to female vampires?

Vampires have a power to attract humans towards them.......And if a live female can attract men towards her, then a mixture of a female and a vampire will not find it difficul

Are vampires attractive?

It depends on which mythos one is working on. In many more modern  interpretations they tend to be suave, sensual, and appealing.  However in more classical mythos they tend