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· Ensure all new software comes with a license agreement, original disks, and authentic packaging.
· Don't buy software without the appropriate hardware.
· Don't share your password number with the others.
· Educate others.
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What is pre-installed software piracy?

This happens when a computer manufacturer takes one copy of the software and illegally installs it on more than one computer. We should always look for proper license document

Define software piracy?

Software piracy is defined as the unauthorized or unlawful usage, loading, copying, duplication or distribution of software. G.C. Hutson, Chief Executive and Senior Partner

How can you prevent software piracy?

To prevent software privacy you can protect your program with a CD key or a hardware key. This will require people to own the CD and box of the product, only available in stor

Why does software piracy continues to exist?

its still rampant in our country though there is a bill about anti-piracy but we can't control it... it still continue, Filipino's buy pirated because its more cheaper than or

How do you control software piracy?

  that depends on how you approach the issue. who exactly are you trying to control?   if you are trying to control yourself, just stop pirating.   if you are trying

What is software piracy?

Answer   The copyright infringement of software refers to several practices when done without the permission of the copyright holder:   * Creating a copy and or sellin

Why is software piracy so pervasive?

Because people want to get things without paying for it. So if they can simply get a copy of something, that is what they will do.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of software piracy?

The main advantages of software piracy are the fact that it is  inexpensive, in many cases there is no cost at all, you can get it  for free, another advantage is that it is

How do you stop software piracy?

Software piracy is a global phenomenon, not just one event. Ergo, its not just something you can decide to stop globally, rather it needs to be a collective effort to stop it.

What are the five types of software piracy?

The five types of software piracy are: 1.End user piracy 2.Internet piracy 3.Pre installed software piracy 4.Counterfeiting 5.Online auction piracy

How does software piracy affect businesses?

Piracy is the illegal reproduction (copy or counterfeiting) of work such as software, recordings or motion pictures. With the advanced evolution of technology, piracy has beco

What is the penalty for software piracy?

The penalty for software piracy would depend on the severity of the offense. The penalty can be up to $100,000 per title in a civil lawsuit for copyright infringement. If fo

Why do people support software piracy?

Really, it's because they like piracy in someway.   There is likely not one reason for everyone; here are a few  possible reasons:    1. They gain from piracy. 
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How do you minimize software piracy?

One of the better ways is to make the software free and sell support services to wealthier customers like corporates. This completely eliminates piracy. Conventionally softw

What is a risk of software piracy?

A risk? Many risks! Aside with the loss of revenue for the producers, thus reducing investments in innovation and business growth (that can be in some way compensated by the