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By definition an alien is from elsewhere. Another city, town, country, planet, plenum or dimension. You cannot become an alien from the place of your origin. If you travel elsewhere you are, by definition, an alien.
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Is it easier for an illegal alien to become a citizen if he has a child in the US?

In order for a foreign citizen to become and American citizen, they must first obtain a visa that gives them permanent residency status (the fabled "Green Card", which is neither green nor a card, and is not the only visa conferring permanent residency). To get a permanent visa, one must first apply for a temporary visa of the proper sort - not all temporary visas allow one to automatically apply for a permanent visa. To apply for ANY type of visa, one must apply through the US Embassy or Consulate in the person's home country (i.e. a country where the person holds citizenship). While the application process can often be handled through the mail, the actual issuance of the visa will be done through the US Embassy/Consulate, so the person applying for the visa must make at least one visit in person to their home country's US Embassy/Consulate. That is, to pick up their new visa, they must return to their home country, and go to the US Embassy there. In addition, you may NOT convert a visa while staying in the US - what this means is that if you entered on visa type A, and were later granted type B, you MUST leave the country and re-enter, presenting the valid B visa as your entry visa now. This is complicated, and gets worse. The vast majority of permanent visas require a sponsor, who must be a US permanent resident or citizen (permanent residents can sponsor for certain permanent visas, but not all the ones a citizen can). In order to sponsor a parent, one must be at least 21 years old. So, unless your child is already a US citizen and already 21, they cannot sponsor your for permanent residency. This is the fallacy behind the "anchor baby" outcry: if a foreign woman comes to the US illegally, and has a child here, that child will be eligible for US citizenship. However, a young child cannot sponsor the mother, so the mother (and child) will be deported back to the home country (as the child is also a citizen of the home country, by virtual of birth to a citizen of that country). The child could possibly stay in the US if the other parent was a legal US resident or citizen, but the mother could not stay just because she gave birth to a US citizen. One a person has permanent residency here, it usually takes 5+ (3+ if your spouse is already a citizen) years to obtain citizenship, through the naturalization process, which is independent of the visa process. Also, as of January 2012, the US DOJ has issued new guidelines for US citizens attempting to sponsor immediate family (spouse, children, grandparents) for permanent visas: even if the visa applicant has entered the country illegally, they can get an automatic waiver of the wait time for re-entry after getting their permanent residency visa. One still has to return to their home country to pick up the US permanent residency visa, but, no longer has to wait the 3-10 years it used to be required to before re-entering the country. The new DOJ guidelines DO NOT affect the rules for sponsorship, so the sponsor must still be at least 21 years of age (in addition to any other requirements). More Information Marrying him will not make him legal. You will have to go through a long process. It will take at least a few years to get his greencard and you will most likely have to hire a lawyer. A few years and a few thousand dollars later, hopefully he'll be legal. The child doesn't mean squat. If having a child here meant that someone could get "legal" many Mexican women would be dropping their babies in the US. . Unless the rules have changed, the answer above is wrong. There ARE lots of Mexicans sneaking across the border to drop their babies here. I also knew an Albanian who came in secretly pregnant on a short-term visa. She refused to go back to her country with her group and only left months later - after having the baby. She then had a "family member" (the baby) who is automatically a U.S. citizen from being born here and she could apply for a special visa,or whatever,in order for the "family" to be together in the "citizen's" (baby's)country - the U.S. . Actually that is not true. My husband is Albanian and I know at least three families who have children here and got deported. Having children here does not make it any easier to obtain citizenship. My husbands uncle has three children here and lived here for almost twenty years and they told them if they loved their father they would return with him. Flat out, cut and dry. Also if you have been watching CNN lately there is a Mexican child (7 years old) pleading with the government not to send his mother back to Mexico. So very simply the answer is no, having a child does not make it easier to stay here. As for the laws before 1999 it may have been but it is not as of now.

How can an illegal alien become a US citizen?

They can't. That said, if the alien has a way of getting a green card now, like a resident relative, there may be ways to keep him here while the paperwork goes thru. If they don't have any means of getting a green card despite their being illegal, then they cannot become citizens or residents, period. Maybe through an amnesty. It MAY be possible, though attempting poses considerable risk of being deported. there are 2 ways to become a legal. first, it is hard to become citizen for a illegal person. but they have a chance to do it. first of all that person's status must br convert in to the F1 visa status and get a admission in a good college or university. in order to do that you must have to Jamaica for reinstatement process. once you are in in status, get a admission in college. after your college you apply for opt then H1 visa. then you go for green card and finally citizenship. these steps might looks easy and short. but i am sorry to say that it is not. it is really long process. i know how one fill being a illegal that's why i am sharing this information. Second, the most easiest way to become a ligel is find and citizen girl or boy and marry to them. by this way, you will become citizen in short period of time. If you are asking about the following case: . You are in the country (USA) illegally . You wish to get a green card WITHOUT leaving the country This is NOT possible UNLESS you can successfully apply for asylum, which is based on the expectation of political or religious persecution in your home country, and is not simple to do. ALL other routes to a green card require that the applicant at some point during the process apply FROM THEIR HOME COUNTRY. That is, even by marrying a U.S. citizen, the paperwork requires that the non-citizen apply at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in their Home Country. There is no way to remain inside the U.S. and become a legal resident. Note that this is true for the vast majority of legal US Visas, too. That is, most visas are of a Temporary nature, and are what is called "Non-convertible". That is, once you are admitted into the US on a certain visa, you cannot then later "convert" this visa into another by applying for that visa WITHOUT returning to your home country first. Only a specific few types of visa will allow you to remain inside the US and be converted to another one. . Please use this answer page for actual current law and processes for adhering to the law. Please do not include contact information for immigration lawyers or other such folks, OTHER than US Government websites and contact points. Please see the Discussion area for more news and updates about current events related to illegal immigration, particularly as the current enforcement of existing laws is undergoing considerable review and changes are common.

Can an illegal alien become a citizen if they have a child that is a U.S. citizen?

Marrying a U.S. citizen and having children resulting from the marriage DOES NOT automatically award citizenship or permanent resident status to an alien, especially one who is deemed to be in the U.S. illegally. The non-citizen must follow the prescribed procedures as required by federal law through USCIS. The children ARE citizens if they were born in the United States OR if one of the parent is a U.S. citizen (not just a Resident, but a Citizen). Once a citizen child reaches 21, they can then act as a sponsor for their parent to obtain Legal Residency. However, note that it is not possible to have an illegal alien obtain legal residency unless they leave the country first - that is, you can't come to the U.S. illegally, then have someone sponsor you to stay. You must leave the country, have someone sponsor you, then re-enter on a valid visa.] Personal Experience My husband and I have been married for six years and we have two kids, the oldest is five, and my husband is still not legal. I've told immigration just how important it is that he get his papers because of this and they said it doesn't matter how many kids he has, yada yada. They are culeros. If the guy only has children that are US citizens, and no one else, he probably will have to wait for them to grow up and petition for him.

What if an alien becomes pregnant by a U.S. citizen?

if this alien becomes pregnant by an American, the baby is automaticaly an American citizen but at any time the mother can be deported back to her country unless she is married to the father of the baby or to a u.s citizen.

How can an illegal alien that is married to an American citizen become legal?

I had a friend they are decent people, and good they just want to live there lives and my friend works hard to support his spouse. He was born in the United States and she was not. When can they start the process papers that make her a legal status. What form should he file. I feel sorry for my friend. I hope this can help him start a new life in the US so that they can move on and have a productive family, and not being nervous what will happen to her. Hope they can answer my question. Sincerly yours Joseph a wendover

Can an illegal alien become a citizen if they have a baby with a US citizen?

No. Only the child and the American women would be permitted to stay unless he had a greencard. But, you may file for the case adjustment however.

How does an illegal alien become legal through marriage?

Answer . \nAlthough there are not laws prohibiting a foreign national who is unlawfully present in the U.S. from marrying a U.S. citizen such an act does not change the non-citizen's illegal status. The citizen spouse cannot apply for permanent residency for the foreign national spouse, this means the non-citizen spouse is required to leave the U.S. and then apply for reentry on the basis of the marriage and according to USCIS regulations. INA Section 212(a)(6)(A), USC 1182 (a)(6)(A). United States Citizenship and Immigration Services,

How can an illegal alien become a legal one?

Answer . \nThe foreign national must return to their country of origin and apply for entry into the US by the prescribed method.\n. \nThe exception is if the unlawfully present foreign national qualifies for asylee or refugee status.

Can an illegal alien become a U.S. citizen?

Yes, you have to go through the naturalization process or get legal "forgiveness" from the federal government because you broke the law by entering the country illegally. At this point in time, there is no way to go to INS/CIS (or whatever we're calling it this month) and say "I'm here illegally - how can I fix this?". They'll deport you for being illegal. Period. The only way to get a U.S. Permanent Resident ("Green Card") or other resident visa is to apply for one through the normal visa-application process, for which you MUST BE IN YOUR HOME COUNTRY for a portion of that process. In short, you have to travel back to your home country (the one where you hold citizenship), and apply for a visa there, and WAIT until it's granted (if it ever is). Not a lot of fun, and, since the process is so arduous, it's why most illegals are here illegally. Once you have a permanent resident (or certain other visas), you can then apply for U.S. citizenship. Hopefully, sometime in the near future after the US comes to some sanity, Congress will create some way for US illegals to change over to legal residents without leaving the country. But, that's in the future, and is by no means certain. For an example of legislation that would do this, but DIDN'T pass, see "The Dream Act". For now, the above applies.

How can an illegal alien become an us citizen?

Immigrant is a person who departs from a country to live in a country permanently... lol ighhh seen.. ezz :B

How to apply land to become alienable disposable in the Philippines?

Alienable and Disposable (A&D) Lands - those lands than can be acquired or issued title. See:

How does an illegal alien become a US citizen?

Go back to their own country, apply for legal entry into the United States and go through the process. If they have not been found guilty of Felonies here or in their own country and they meet all of the requirements, they will eventually be allowed entry into the US and they can go through the process to apply for residency and eventually citizenship.

Can an illegal alien become legal by marriage to a US Citizen?

Answer . No, but the person you marry can sponsor your citizenship making it easier. It takes about a year, because the us citizen will be investigated and both people have to prove that it is a real marriage and not a ploy just to get citizenship.

What do you call an alien that wants to become a citizen of the US?

Answer . I don't think there is a name. An alien is a term that Americans use to describe immigrants, which I think is an extremely rude gesture.

How does an illegal alien become a citizen other than marriage?

Answer . Illegal immigrants cannot become permanent residents or obtain citizenship by marrying a US citizen or any other means, such as having a child born of such a marriage or relationship.. A person who is illegally within the US will be required to voluntarily leave the country or when apprehended will be detained and in the vast majority of cases deported.. The exception might be if the foreigner qualifies as an asylee or a refugee under the current immigration laws.

If an illegal alien comes to the US when there 13 do they become a legal alien?

There is not any way for an illegal alien to become legal except through application to the government. Age and time in the country are not an automatic way to become legal.

Does an illegal alien become a legal citizen by joining the navy?

Answer How can my boyfriend become a legal citizen? If anyone can give advise it is greatly appreciated. An alien resident of the United States does not automatically become a citizen of the US by joining the Armed Forces. Your boyfriend can become a legal citizen after I believe 7 years of having lived in the uS. He will need to apply with the Immigration and Naturalization Office. He will received a test booklet and be called to complete testing. Swearing in ceremonies are usually held a few months later, when several new citizens are sworn in at the same time.

How do you become a legal alien?

Answer . you cannot become a legal alian. some people may think that you can but trust me you cannot.

What does an illegal alien have to do to become leagal?

If they are in the country illegally, they would have to go back totheir home country and enter legally. Being found an illegalimmigrant results in deportation.

How does one become a legal alien by the help of an uncle?

No, uncle won't help. The laws allow immigrants to sponsor immigrant visas to their families which mean parents, spouses and children.

How do you help an illegal alien become legal?

You can help an illegal alien become legal by helping them fill outthe appropriate applications for residency and paying the neededfees. This will put them on the right track to becoming a legalresident or citizen.

Can illegal alien become a child's guardian?

An illegal alien cannot become a child's guardian. A guardian issomeone who is legally allowed to look after a child and lives in aparticular country legally.

What is the first step an alien takes to become a citizen?

The first step that and alien has to take to become a citizen is to sign the Declaration of Intention, provided by the state you plan to seek naturalization.

How can alien become a citizen of United States?

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Why can Ben only become a alien for such a short time?

If Ben stays as an alien too long that alien will take control over him.

How do you become an alien in the sims2 for PC?


What are the main steps by which an alien becomes a US citizen?

An alien may file a declaration of intention to any naturalization court. this written statement declares that the alien intends to seek U.S citizenship. Then they file a petition for naturalization after 5 years, or 3 years if they are married to a citizen of the U.S. Then they will go through the examination process, then the final hearing

How do you become a alien in Halo 3?

you can but it only works on halo3 not halo 3odst(i have both disc)go to main menu you click start go left and click appernaces now it should say spartan change to ELITE hope it helped:)

How can you become and alien in the Sims 2 PC?

yes, you can just look through the telescope between 2-4am and there is a 2% chance you will get abducted, however if you use the most expensive telescope then there is a 5% chance. when the sim gets abucted they will be gone for about 4 sim hours and if it's a male sim who got abducted, they will come back pregnant..with an alien!. hope I helped!

How do you become an alien on sims 2 seasons?

Tricky question , you CANNOT become an alien yourself but you can have alien babies (if your sim is a male) . Buy a telescope and get lots of logic skill points . When you have enough , wait until nighttime (or the day if you cheat!) . Look through the telescope , if it doesn't work keep trying the next day or to be quicker use cheats . There is a chance that your male sim will get pregnant(only male ,sorry) . Then after a couple of days you will give birth to an alien baby (or 2 alien babies) If you were talking about plantsims then go on the sims 2 website and find out

If an American marries an illegal alien who is in the US illegally will the illegal alien become legal?

"if friend who lived in Romania who I love come here to visit and we get marriage because I truly love her what is the process for me and her to get her to stay what I need to do?" After you get married you need to file proper immigration papers available on the INS site. He/She will need to go back to their home country once their visa is up and await proceedings. Once the petition is filed and later sent to that persons local US embassy, they will contact them for the interview. Based on a real bona fide marriage it is a surety they will gain a permanent residency document and be able to come live with you in the US. Three years later they may apply for citizenship so long as both parties still have an active marital relationship. Be aware, however, that marrying a citizen does not automatically make an illegal alien eligible for citizenship. Specifically, a foreigner who illegally entered the United States and later married a citizen may only become eligible for legal status after leaving the U.S. for 5 or 10 years before returning.

Can an illegal alien become a US senator?

I think it all really depends on how patriotic the alien is to the country.

How do you become a alien on sims 2?

Sims cannot 'become' an alien but they can get abducted and give birth to them. They are fully playable, just like an average sim. You do not need any expansion packs to become an alien, although 'Freetime' and/or 'Open For Business' can make it easier. To get pregnant with an alien, you will need to purchase a telescope. (The higher up the telescope, the quicker you will get abducted.) Stargaze through the telescope at anytime during the night. Eventually your sim will get abducted, and will return. Then about 1/2 a day later or less, your sim will become pregnant with an alien baby. *PLEASE NOTE that only male adult sims can get pregnant with an alien. The Freetime expansion pack can help. Get your sim's enthusiasm level in science up to level 9 (by using the telescope or looking at an ant farm), and the option will appear on a telescope that says 'call aliens'. This means that your sim will put a torch in the telescope to shine light and the aliens will come faster. The Open For Business expansion pack can make it easier because of aspiration rewards. If your first aspiration is knowledge, then you can spend 4 aspiration points and get the 'call aliens' reward. This just means that the aliens will come faster when you are looking through your telescope.

Why do you think aliens choose to become citizens of the US?

The desire for basic freedoms, coupled with phenomenal success, arequite strong. -The powerful message of "The New Colossus" sonnet by Emma Lazarus still rings strong and true.See the Wikipedia link provided below:

How ayurveda becomes alien to common people?

Ayurveds is the oldest system of medicine known to mankind. It is being used for more than 5000 years and offers a holistic way of living life.

In sims 3 can you become an alien?

No, but you can make yourself LOOK kind of like an alien with the green skintone.

In Halo 3 how do you become an alien?

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How do you become an Alien?

You move to a country where you are not a citizen. Or You Can: 1. Buy An Alien Suit For Haloween. 2. Put The Suite On. 3. Build A Rocket. 4. Get Into The Rocket. 5. Start It Up. 6. Count Down From 10 To 1. 7. Blast Off To Mars. 8. Live On Mars. 9. Learn To Speak Alien. 10. Live And Speak Alien For The Rest Of Your Life On Mars.

Whats the movie about human girl becoming alien princess?

It it actually a movie but a cartoon or a cycle of cartoons. The Girl character is a female astronaut for Nasa. She crash-lands on the planet Eternia, and eventually settles down as a Princess. A Royal House sure beats camping out in craters, huh. Her earth name is Marlena Glenn. No, she is not bald.s no

Can you become an alien on sims 3?

No, you cannot become an alien, not even be abducted by one. this may come with an EP.

Can an illegal alien get a license to preach or become a pastor in a church?

The license to preach is a call from God and only He can anoint us with His truth. A piece of paper has no value unless God has ordained you by His Spirit, where the elders set you in your ministry as they are led of the Spirit. How can one preach the truth without obeying the scriptures which state, that we must obey the law of the land.

How can I help my boyfriend who is a illegal alien become a citizen?

Have him return to his country and apply for a visa. There is nothing you can do while he is here illegally that will help him.

How do you become an alien on halo wars skirmish?

Go down (under "Difficulty:") and select your plate (should have your gamer picture on the left with your controller position under that with your gamertag on the top. Click A when you have this selected. It should bring up a horizontal selection of players with the UNSC emblem on the left (selecting this gives you a random UNSC Leaders), 3 UNSC Leaders, a half UNSC and half Covenant emblem (Selecting this gives you a random Leader from either side), 3 Covenant (Alien) Leaders, and a Covenant Emblem (Selecting this gives you a random Covenant Leader).

Does an illegal alien from Mexico become a legal resident by marriage?

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Will aliens ever become really nice?

I can say that there is only a 2% chance that aliens will become nice, aliens do not want to become friends with humans they want to take over the Earth so that they can live here themselves and in doing so they will kill everybody without the slightest sign of emotion or care. There is a very small chance that the US military can persuade aliens not to attack Earth and to instead live here WITH/ALONGSIDE us, although this is very unlikely as they want the entire planet for themselves. Please read my other posts on the below page and the links which are within that page as this will give you more of an insight into aliens and the threat that they entail along with how to protect yourselves.

Will all aliens become nice someday?

I believe most ancient astronaut theorists would say that aliens will visit us and be nice if mankind is willing to learn how to improve their world and will not make war.

Is it easier for an illegal alien to become a citizen if he has a child in the Germany?

No, it isn't easier job to get things done..He has to consult with the attorney and proceed further in order to get the Citizenship..It will surely take time to finish all the process..

How does a human become an alien?

Technically, you can become an alien simply by moving to anothercountry. However, presumeably you mean a space alien, in which case, youcannot. First off, while scientists generally agree that there isprobably life beyon Earth, we don't have any direct evidence thatit exists. Second, you cannot change yourself into something else.

How do you qualify to become an alien?

An alien is defined as an extraterrestrial being from outer space.In this sense technically you're already an alien, as you are anintelligent being from a part of a universe. If you mean "alien" as in "immigrant" - do not use that term. It isseen as derogatory and somewhat racist in the majority of theworld, bar the US. In this case to qualify to be an immigrant, itdepends on the specific country you are immigrating to. Re-ask thequestion giving the proper terminology and mentioning the country.

Can an illegal alien become a governor?

An illegal alien cannot legally be, or reside, in the UnitedStates; much less hold political office.