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Becoming famous requires determination, talent, and quite a bit of luck, and confidence! To be famous, you have to do something that's good like sing, dance, athletics, be the president, etc. You could start by singing, making movies, and doing things you are talented in.

Being famous also requires being discovered by the right people. A common frustration among talented people is that nobody will give them a chance. That is why performers do gigs and try to get on shows like American Idol and similar. As you can see, even being on one of those shows is no guarantee of success. Often, only the top 3 finalists or so attract any serious attention from anyone offering contracts.
The best way to become famous is to practice singing, acting, or being funny, (comedian). Then post it on Youtube. How you post a video on Youtube is, go to the Youtube page. Then, near the search box should be a button that says, "Upload." Click on it, then. There will be other buttons. Click on the one that says, "Webcam Capture". Under those words is a button that says, "record". Click on it, then, IF there is a little box thing that pops up, click the green button.
post vidios on youtube like justen bieber did

A word of warning:
Do not run away from home to become famous. If that is your plan, then you need to have all your arrangements settled in advance. You should have asked for auditions with reputable people, and you should have your living arrangements settled before moving anywhere. Too many children get the notion to run away from home, move to the Los Angeles area, and try to get in a movie. It does not work that way. If anyone "discovers" you in that setting, it will likely be pedophiles and pornographers, not reputable people making decent movies and television shows. So you have to do your research and make your arrangements in advance. Having an agent will be beneficial, though it is not absolutely necessary. The road to fame will be long and hard, and you might not actually want it once you get there. Even going through the proper channels will be frustrating. You might write hundreds of letters, emails, and voice messages, and not have any of them respond.
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How do you become famous in acting and singing?

yes you can just go to explore talent .com put some singing videos or dancing videos of your self and add a couple of professional photos to it and people like agents and star

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I have a youtube account myself, become friends by adding people, and commenting on their channels/video's. To become pretty much famous on youtube, you sometimes have to be

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Hey stefanie Scott here and that last answer was NOT true you just have to audition and hope you get the part...oh and if you are wondering I play the character lexi on a.n.t.

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