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In a word, passion. In a world where mediocrity reigns, the excellent person will become great. The passion you bring to your chosen endeavor is the key to greatness.

Now greatness does not equal fame; to the contrary, some of the greatest people are unsung. The mother who, for years, endures the tedium of rearing children in order to have productive citizens in the end, is great. The father who willingly supports his family with little thought to his own wants and desires, is great.

It is not easy to achieve greatness AND fame. The author of "The Help" was rejected 87 times during the quest to have her book published. Each time she returned to the work, polished it, and tried again. Her passion for the work drove her to work hard to succeed.

If you would be great, find your passion and then...work. A passion does not bring fruit without much hard work. A passion for anything means that you must learn and apply basic knowledge in order to soar above mere craftsmen. If you would be a singer, then the daily exercises to hone your voice is not a chore, it is a part of your craft. Learning and applying the basics of your chosen field is key to becoming great. There is no example whatsoever of someone who did not know his field becoming great in it.

Find your passion, learn the basics, hone your craft, and work to achieve perfection. Only then will you become great.
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